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Handmade gloves from Norway!

Christmas you guys.

IT SNOWED. IT SNOOOOWWWWWEEEDDDD!!!! I woke up, immediately looked out the window, and started jumping on the bed with joy!

We lined up (just like at home haha) and walked in the living room to see our gifts separated into piles by Santa.

Santa came. He gave me some great new work out clothes and shoes, and a really fancy perfume bottle (the kind with the long tube and the squishy thing at the end!). He gave Chance some new clothes, Bose headphones, and a wallet. We got a dutch oven and Volcano grill from my parents and a nativity set and statue of Christ from Chance's parents and they told us they have something else too, but we haven't seen it yet!

We are so blessed. Though receiving gifts is not the meaning of Christmas, giving gifts is a really nice part of it! Chance and I were so excited to give gifts to each other. And for the record, I picked out all the clothes by myself and he actually liked them all! Wife points!! And I liked everything he got me. Everything was a surprise to each of us, which is something I have a hard time with. I'm the worst at surprises!

We made breakfast together, and some delicious CARAMEL eggnog (people...way better than normal eggnog... normal kind tastes like bubble-gum...). Then we got on our 8-way skype call with Elder Nilsson in Norway! He's such a good missionary and it was so fun to see and talk to him. I miss him so much, and he comes home in August! It's going to FLY by, I can just tell. Then we went to my parents to meet with my family (oh yeah, we did Christmas with my family this year, and next year we will do it with Chances family). Goodness, snow at my house seriously is my childhood! Then off to my grandma's for dinner. Why are there always such good appetizers and I just fill myself up on crackers and cheese and chips and dip?! Every time! And then I just make myself suffer through dinner! It starts out okay and then I just keep eating because it all tastes so good, and then I just can't move... I should probably work on that. Grandma moved out of her house this year. The house my Dad grew up in, and that I feel like I've grown up in! For grandma's gift, she made a book of pictures of/at her old house to preserve the fun times and cherished memories of that house. It really turned out so awesome! I love to look at it. I was really attached to that house, but I've really learned (especially from my Mom's parents because they moved around so much) that wherever Grandma and Grandpa are, it just feels like their house!

It's been a really lovely Christmas. AND IT SNOWED. So that was awesome. Well, only 365 more days until Christmas!

"You can't hurt Christmas...because it isn't about the gifts, the contests, or the fancy lights. All I need for Christmas is right here... my family." - How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Merry Merry Christmas!

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  1. can we please photo adventure in the snow and drink caramel eggnog??? facebook message me hahaha.

    1. please please pleeeeeease. messaging you now.

  2. I love the brown paper packages! I did the same thing this year! Merry Christmas!

    1. I loved it. There's so many things you can do with it. I'll probably do it every year! Merry Christmas to you!

  3. that last picture is so sweet. i love it! so fun you got to skype your missionary :)

    xo, pocket of blossoms


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