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         Last week my brother Tanner asked me and Chance to babysit their baby girl, Layla, or as we like to call her "Waya".                  Chance and I weren't hesitant to say yes! You see, we are on a mission to make this girl reaaaallly like us. Haha, I say that              because she's mostly been attached to her parents, and I mean why wouldn't she be? They are like so awesome! But we have wanted to badly for her to want to be with us and play with us and not just cry when we hold her haha. Let me tell you. She is totally opening up! I was a little nervous because when I got to their house, Layla was still sleeping. Now if I were a child that loved having my parents around, if I woke up to someone else I might freak out a little bit. And I expected it from Layla. But she woke up, and I went up to her room and she just looked at my for a few seconds, then held up her blanket for me and then REACHED for me, to take her out of her crib. Soaking in that moment!

Then Chance got there a little bit later, and she was bein' a little shy, and she would lean in to me and rest her on on my chest. Again, soaking in that moment. I would put her down, she would reach for me to pick her up. Then she warmed up to Chance and would do all the same things to him! She was being so sweet and cute, and didn't even cry!!! We were seriously loving it. I sure love a snuggly baby. We played with toys, went on a walk down the street, walked around the front and backyard, waved a lot to the boys playing basketball across the street, and watched lion king. 

Then it was time for bed... She did not want to go to bed. Haha, to be expected. We didn't try and make her, but we could tell she was tired. So Chance, being the cutest thing that he is, just held her until she eventually fell asleep in his arms.

We had a great time playing "parents" even though it was only for a few hours. Chance, being the oldest of 7 in his family, has even more experience with babies than I do. He's such a natural, and gosh, I cannot wait for him to be a Dad. Our time to be parents will come, but for now, being an aunt and uncle is perfect. We love that sweet girl, Layla!

^ Ignore my face. It obviously had to be posted because SHE'S SO CUTE.

^ Again, ignore my face haha.

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  1. oh my gosh, that little girl! her chubby cheeks and big eyes are perfection!! also, love that your husband put her to sleep in his arms. boys and babies - it's the cutest.

    1. Right?! Couldn't stop kissin' those cheeks! :) Yes boys n' babies, can't even handle it.

  2. haha she looks like you! you and your brother must be twins. also her hair is perfect. she has so much! so cute so cute. oh and your hair is looking v mermaid-y. congrats.

    1. Haha when her hair isn't in pig tails, she has an insane mullet.... ha!

      and thank you! best compliment, always want to be a mermaid. :)


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