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      EASTER! YAY! We spent last Easter with Chance's family, so it was my family's turn! My parents went camping in this      camping park thing in Lehi to test our their new preparedness tent, and other preparedness things they have, and we all met up        there on Friday night to hang out. I didn't go very prepared for the cold, but don't worry. Mom to the rescue! Puffy coat and foam clothing pants. I stayed warm! Their campsite was right on the river, and there was a log in the river, so I told Millie that it was a crocodile, and she was obsessed the rest of the night. She would go get everyone and tell them to look at the crocodile, and I wish you could hear how she says crocodile. I busted up every time! And she was so sad to leave it haha. The next day when they went back, the log had floated away, and Jace sent me a picture saying "She's been down by the river asking where the crocodile went for 5 minutes...) Hahaha, I loved it!

On Saturday, we watched conference at our apartment,  and dyed easter eggs. I love my little emoji eggs. Then went to my parents campsite and watched the second session with them, where my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Todd met us and we visited them for a while.  They live in St George but came up for my uncle Todd's mission reunion and my mom scored them 5th row seats on the floor to the Saturday Morning session of Conference! I really loved watching conference outside, it was refreshing. Chance and I went to eat at Taco Time for dinner before he had to go to the priesthood session, because we had a gift card. And we will probably never go there again unless we have a gift card. Haha we love knowing that sharing a salad at cafe rio is enough food for both of us AND cheaper than eating fast food, even Taco Time (unless we have a gift card). So Chance went to priesthood session and I hung out with my sister in laws for a bit before I had to go up to Salt Lake to shoot some Bridal pictures. We met back at Jace and Jenna's apartment and hung out there the rest of the night. I love LOVE spending time with my family, and I love how it keeps growing. (Also we got Millie obsessed with wanting to watch Beauty and The Beast and the way she said it was so adorable.) And Jace goes, Millie just go with Chance and Aubrey we'll get you tomorrow and she just goes "Okay I'll get my socks and shoes" and Jace was like shoot! Haha she didn't come with us :( but one day we will have a sleepover and it will be so fun. Also Beauty and the Beast might be too scary for a 2 year old... haha. That Millie loves "baby sophie"

I got to be Santa for Christmas, so Chance got to be the Easter bunny! The night before, he set up our baskets and hid all our eggs in our apartment for me to find! Our silver egg had 1 dollar in it, and our gold egg? $100! RICH! (It came from the bank, and will go back into the bank, such is life hahaha). We had candy for breakfast, and watched conference all day. Such good messages were shared, and many good reminders. I'm so thankful for conference and for the blessing of a Prophet here on Earth! I loved watching it with Chance too, and to think about things as a couple we can be better at. (We also had bacon and eggs for breakfast ha..)

I got these glasses in my Easter Basket!

After celebrating our own little Easter, we went back to my parents campsite and my mom had hidden an easter bucket for us, and some easter eggs! Then we went to my Grandma's house, and we showed up super early and got to hide the eggs for the hunt. After everyone arrived, we realized there was no one under the age of 15+. That means an easter egg hunt with no rules! Haha it was super fun and literally lasted 1 minute. Finished off the day with the yummiest food, as always, and cousin time!
Chance wore those glasses all night at Grandma's and I love him for it!!!
Wouldn't this make a great meme? I'm not sure what it would say, but I just know it's hilarious.

Holidays being married are so much fun!!

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