8:30 AM

Millie girl turned 3, and she had a pool party (her biggest wish, says her mom).
That girl is a little fishy! She was the first one in and the last one out. We had so much fun
spending the evening playing and splashing!

For her birthday, I gave Millie my favorite doll when I was little!
Her name is Heather and she was a part of "The Magic Attic Club". 
It was kind of like the American Girl Dolls, but a knock off I guess? Anyways I loved that doll and over the years I got a bunch of different outfits for it, and my Grandma Haws even made her a pair of pajamas that I picked out the fabric and buttons and everything for! I was surprised to find that I still had all the outfits, and hadn't lost any of the shoes or accessories! The doll is in pretty good shape too, except her hair was super ratty haha, but I didn't want Millie to have to worry too much about being careful with her. I just want her to find joy in it, just as I did:)

Happy Birthday to Millie! Thanks for inviting us to your super awesome pool party. ;)

(Okay, so what, I took like a million pictures. Should I be embarrassed?... No, I would say the only time I have regrets is when I don't take any pictures. So a million is better than none! And gosh I just love my family!!)

These 2 pictures below, Millie wanted to throw Chance in the air... hahaha

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