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Happy Easter!! Gosh, what a beautiful Holiday.

We went to Delta on Friday night to Saturday afternoon to be with Chance's family for the Easter Weekend. So much candy!! And 25 cent cotton candy, is like a dream come true. We walked away with 25 things of cotton candy.. hahaha.

Chance got to hide the Easter eggs last year, so this year it was my turn! We woke up early, I hid everything including his basket, and he found all the eggs. And guess where I hid the silver egg?.... IN HIS BASKET. Hahaha, I thought it was so clever. And really, it was. He couldn't find it for sooo long! I was proud. 

Chance found some mustache wax and beard oil in his basket this year (I love his caveman look!), and I found an instax camera in mine! We ate ourselves sick with candy, like we usually do... haha. Had a nice church meeting and then went to Grandma's. Grandma's was soooo fun this year! Almost everyone was there, and with everyone and their kids it's such a party. Last year we did the egg hunt and there was no one under 13 years old.. but this year there were tons of little kids and it was sooo fun to watch them. Grandma read the story of Peter Rabbit, and in her little neighborhood community they have this garden, and she taped a sign on the gate that said "Mr McGregor's Garden" and that's where the golden egg was hiding. I admire and love the effort that Grandma puts into holidays. I want to be just like her! It's such a blast. 

We didin't get new Easter clothes this year, which is fine, but I seriously have a lack of pastels in my closet hahaha. And I made Chance wear his wedding bow tie, because I thought it was easter-y.

We are so thankful to be celebrating this Easter holiday. And though we look forward to all the fun traditions and all the candy, we are most grateful for what Easter is really about. Our Lord and Savior, Christ was risen! He IS risen! And because of Him, we are happy and can be together forever.

Happy Happy Easter!

And look at this gem. Easter at Grandma's old house, 1998. Bless!

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