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So maybe we decided to drive across the country and back as fast as we could to buy an old vintage 1976 Airstream trailer so we could restore it and make it our tiny home.... what?

Being stuck in a car for over 80 hours straight can make you look pretty mangey ^^ hahaha! I love him.

We had to improvise a little on the trip ^^ I think it was a brilliant idea!

And here she is! A 31' 1976 Airstream Sovereign. We call it "The Stellarstream!" 

It was a brutal road trip... Something around 80 hours total, numb bums, very little sleep, stuffy car... But it was also fun too. To see a lot of what we have never seen before. To make a big decision like this. My mom said her dad was a "Road Warrior" and after this trip, we definitely have earned our way into that club. We are super excited/intimidated by this project, but hey, we do what we want.

Check out my instagram @aubreyj0 or the hashtag #thestellarstream to follow the restoration process and our experiences living in a tiny home!

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  1. I'm so excited to follow this adventure! I love how you guys just went for it!

  2. Just a quick commment to say I just found your blog and I love it! look forward to reading more! x


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