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The Ice Castles! I was stoked to check these out this year. We went a couple years ago when they first started and it was pretty cool, but I thought it was kind of small, and we went at night so it was crowded. They have moved it and made it bigger, with ice slides and ice thrones. It was way awesome! We also went during the day so there weren't too many people there! 

At 32 weeks things are going great! Sleep gets harder because it's more difficult to move around and get comfortable, plus I have to go to the bathroom twice a night instead of once... But overall I'm still feeling really good! Everyone around me, including Chance, has gotten sick/been sick since Christmas and some how I've been lucky not to catch anything and I'm praying that I don't!! Chance has been extra great and spoiling me to no end, haha! We still don't know the gender, and more and more I think that maybe it's a boy but I really just don't know. Baby is moving inside me allllll the time, so sometimes Chance will put his hand on my belly and say "Baby, kick me if you're a girl......kick me if you're a boy......" and the baby has only ever kicked one time when he did that and it was a girl. I've loved not knowing! It's just so fun and the anticipation is building and I'm just so excited for that moment in the delivery room when Chance will tell me what it is :D We have names picked out for a boy or a girl that I just love so how I see it is that I need them both eventually so I'll be so excited for whoever comes first! Feel free to throw out your guesses! Most people think it's a boy, even the random man we met in line at Cafe Rio on this same day we went to the Ice Castles haha. 

I have some baby showers coming up in the next couple weeks and that will be fun! We don't have ANYTHING ready yet. Nothing.... whoops! We are just getting more excited all the time!

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