Honey Moonin'

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Chance and I took FOREVER to decide what we were going to do on our Honeymoon. Both of us a "frugal-save every-penny-if-we-don't-love-it-we-are-not-paying-for-it" kind of people. Which is actually something I'm really happy about. However, when it came to choosing a Honeymoon, we wanted to do something really cool for really cheap and usually the two do not coincide. So we searched groupon for all-inclusive resorts, cruises (Chance gets motion sick), or any other random deals. We found some cool, and even affordable things, but Chance wasn't dyin' over any of them. Then someone brought up the point of maybe taking a road trip of some sort and spend the money on cool stuff instead of flights. That was pretty appealing to us, since again, we are money savers, and thinking about $500+ going to flights made us want to vomit. So! We eventually decided to just adventure and road trip to California. We are big time adventure-ers and so we were just wingin' it!
First stop: Fabulous Las Vegas...
Poor Chance actually was not feeling so great the first few days and we did a lot of relaxing. But I was super happy to take care of him! And you know what? Vegas? Hardly fabulous... we really just wanted a picture with the sign. We are satisfied. And I suppose the Eiffel Tower was cool, because, helloooo PARIS!  At least the guy in the Elevator was very friendly and funny, and we got to see the Bellagio fountains from above. So yeah, that was cool.

Next Stop, Santa Monica! That pier is great. We sat on the beach, rode the ferris wheel, walked around some shops, and watched a guy try to make money for his dance studio... 

The next day consisted of SIX FLAGS (sorry Disney, we are thrill seekers). All day of thrilling rides, and then crashing in a pretty nasty hotel that night. No pics of Six Flags, but see the video below!

NEWPORT BEACH DAY! Our favorite day. A nice beach, beautiful pier, and riding bikes on the boardwalk. It was perfect. However, I always expect it to be much warmer on the beach and it never is!

To be totally honest, it was a great trip and it was nice to get away together and we don't regret it! HOWEVER... we probably could have had as much fun in Utah... haha.. it's fun to travel and we love it, but we are definitely home bodies. We were excited to head to home to beautiful Utah, see our families again, and finally move into our own place with our own stuff!

Basically, being married to my best friend has been the best time of my life (I know I know it's only been like a week at this point). No more saying goodbye at the end of the night? BEST EVER. Sleepovers every night. 

and this was just the FIRST WEEK of being married. OH HECK YEAH.

Check out our little Honeymoon video adventures! 
Password: cahoneymoon
Honeymoon from Aubrey Jo Young on Vimeo.

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