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In my eyes and on my part, Chance's birthday was a total fail, unfortunately. He's cute and was happy, but here was what was supposed to happen:

I was supposed to wake up early, before he got up for work, and decorate our little place. When I was growing up, every year on our birthdays my mom had the dining room decorated and the cake already made as soon as we woke up. We also got our requested breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day. It was great! Obviously a tradition I wanted to carry on. So on Saturday before we went grocery shopping I asked Chance what he wanted for his birthday meals, (minus lunch because we would both be at work). We got it all planned out, bought the food, ready to go. Only to remember we did not have our pots and pans yet.... I was also supposed to go to my parents on Sunday to get some decorations (yes, I'm mooching) but that didn't happen. So the morning of Chance's birthday he woke up to no decorations and no breakfast. Fail!

In my desire to still try and make the day somewhat special I hurried home from work, ran to the dollar store and decorated our place. The decorations kept falling and they were really pitiful actually, but Chance appreciated it.

We were lucky enough to have Chance's mom and dad come up from Delta and spend some time with us! They brought us our bed frame and kitchen table! Now our place is complete! They also were kind enough to take us out to Cafe Rio for Chance's birthday dinner. They really saved me on that one.. 

Chance and I went home and his parents had to leave. I asked Chance what kind of cake he wanted, and he said he just wanted Rootbeer Floats, so that's what we did! He said he had a nice day... buuuut that was pathetic on my part. I'll make up for it in the years to come!

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