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      Like I said, Christmas is now in FULL swing! We went and bought our tree (plans to go and cut one down fell through... now we know and we will make it happen next year!), and decorated our place while listening to Christmas music. Then we took Chance's little brother and sister ice skating since they had never been before, then walked around City Creek and the Lights at Temple Square. Taylen and Ashley loved it, and of course I loved it. (PS last time we were at the Galivan Center ice rink, we got engaged! Ahh!) It was the PERFECT night. We only needed light sweaters to keep us warm. It was a little crowded but not too crowded to be fun! I am just giddy with holiday cheer over here.  

As I said before, I am starting the Christmas season later than usual. Which is fine, but the downside is that I already have this anticipation anxiety of the Holiday season being over. Ahh! I really don't love that. We will be making every moment of this season count!

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  1. look how cute your eyebrows are. also this ice skating rink has been on my 12 dates of christmas list for a while and looking at these pictures makes me excited to go!

    1. Thanks em! Let's just say I wasn't born with those eyebrows... Haha! The Galivan is my faaaavorite! And I recommend going like in the middle of the day or early afternoon when it's not so crowded. It's way fun to have lots of space to skate!

  2. super glad i found your blog through the "friends IRL" facebook group. you & your hubs are adorable and you guys take beautiful picture! can't wait to follow along! xo

  3. you look like victoria justice but cuter <3 so glad i found your blog through the IRL group!!

    xo, k


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