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        Thanksgiving 2014! Our first Thanksgiving being married. We were lucky enough to be able to spend it with both sides of our
        family. We went to Chance's aunt's house in the morning and had a Thanksgiving feast around 2:00, then a few hours later we went to my Grandma's house (she only lives like 20 minutes away from Chance's aunt's house!) and indulged in a 2nd Thanksgiving feast. Both feasts were super delicious! We filled ourselves to the point of not being able to eat pie because we just couldn't get it down. We'll have leftovers though! A highlight of Thanksgiving for me is Thanksgiving Bingo at my Grandma's house! Grandma just moved and the original bingo cards may have been misplaced! I was so sad! But we were able to print some new cards and having the new cards was actually quite delightful and as always, Uncle Jefferey never disappoints with his create ways of calling the bingo characters. My favorites:

A turkey - "Be as he may, imitation peacock!"
A corn on the cob - "Semi-exposed corn cob!"
A red flower - "The messed up Target sign!"
The May Flower, a classic - (while singing) "It's a good ship, lollipop!"

Always lots of laughing during bingo!

Okay this picture is a complete joke, but it just had to be posted for our records. Hahaha.
A. Chance looks TINY and I look HUGE
B. Let's all just be glad that isn't my actual smile... ha!

Thanksgiving, or "Thanksgibing" as we have been saying, has been so great. Holidays being married are the best! I love that Chance will get into them with me and just be festive. It always gives us something to look forward to and just make memories. I'm so thankful Chance and for our families that we now share. I am so so so blessed! 

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

PS I'm upset with myself and the lack of pictures I have been taking for personal use. I'm going to take more!!

Oh yeah, we just watched the Grinch and CHRISTMAS IS NOW IN FULL SWING!

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