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           Sometimes I have these days where I just think a lot, about really random things. And sometimes I decide to write them

+ Okay the Mocking Jay movie. She sings that hanging tree song and it's great. It's emotional and intense and sad. It totally has a feel to it and makes you feel exactly what it is. Okay, so have you listened to the radio lately? Have you heard that AWFUL REMIX OF THE HANGING TREE SONG. (Yes, I'm yelling). I heard it and I was disgusted and if I were Jennifer Lawrence and Suzanne Collins, I would be so offended. Who authorized that!? It's like putting dubstep to a sacrament hymn. Ruined it.

+ We had like a super warm winter. Then it snowed. Then it got FREEZING. But this week the highs are like 40s. I can handle that. I like it even.

+ It was time to take down Christmas. Even Chance was sad to take down the tree and wanted to keep it up longer (yet he gets mad that I want to put it up right after Halloween. Oh come on!). But we decided to chop it all up and boil it a little bit at a time because it smells SO GOOD. My favorite smell ever ever ever. So Chance is happy because he feels like now we aren't wasting it. The man wanted to try and plant it for heaven's sakes!

+ I got this awesome call at work yesterday and after talking to this older man for a while, this is how the conversation went:

Him: Now who am I speaking to? You are a delightful lady.
Me: My name is Aubrey and I'm just a customer service representative
Him: Now you are not JUST a customer service representative. You are ksl. You ARE ksl to me. Well you and Kevin Eubanks. You guys ARE ksl. I worked in business long enough to know that you can tell more about a business from the customer service reps and receptionist than any other person in the company. And you are very good on the phone and it reflect well on KSL. You reflect the goodness of KSL all the way up to the president! So thank you.
Me: Well thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

Haha best phone call I ever had and it totally made my day.

+ I seriously want to remove all social media from my phone, but then again I don't. I just want to limit it. Limit it almost to the point of cutting it out completely, but not totally? That's probably a sign that I should. We will see. I just love pictures.

+ Lately I'm never satisfied with my clothes or hair. Struggle struggle struggle. Why can't I just wake up and look great.

There. Now my mind is empty.

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  1. I could have written that social media part. Even though I deleted my insta I still look at some of my favorite "famous" people accounts haha because I love pictures too!! It's tough. I'm trying a new thing where I limit it to only on my computer and so far it's been awesome. Let me know if you find something that works :)

    1. It's tough because I use it for my photography now too! I dont know what to do. Only on the computer is a good idea. Maybe I will try that!

  2. Seriously! The debate with social media is so hard! I want (more like NEED) to limit my time but its so hard with out just going 'all out' and deleting the apps all together. I guess my resolution should be better self control. haha!

    1. It's like... a joke really. Haha. I need better self control too! BAD. I'll admit though, every time I think about cutting it all out completely I really love the idea of it and feel like I would feel free! But I can't get myself to do it! Haha that's probably a sure sign of addiction. YIKES!


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