6:17 PM

          (I wish I was super clever with post titles.)

         Short descriptions and iphone pics of life lately:

//Being a bridesmaid for one of my best friend's wedding! Such a fun {freezing cold} happy lovely day! I loved being a part of it.

\\Mommy's birthday was on Sunday. She is such a beauty. Please let me have her aging genes. 

//I get off the train to the prettiest sunset everyday.

\\The only snapchat I've ever been proud of.

//For Family Home Evening we put together our wedding album, the old fashioned way. Chance found this only kinda fun and tedious because he is a perfectionist... but I enjoyed it. A lot. And we have so many pictures and not enough pages.. so once we buy more pages we will be back at it! I seriously love the printed pictures there. So much better than just scrolling through them on the computer.

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  2. I love love printed pictures too! There's just something special about holding a memory in your hand.

  3. Yay for printed pictures! I have made it a goal to try to print out more pictures and put them into my journal. Otherwise they just end up staying on the computer forever, only to be forgotten.


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