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Here is a cute picture of Chance and his man bun at the farm in Delta. It has nothing to do with the following rant... haha.

I'm really hesitant to post this and I don't know why! Which probably means I should. Anyways here goes...

I recently had an experience where I was scrolling through social media and I saw a post that I was quick to judge. It was more like jealousy, I guess, at another's life and what not. I even tried to justifying my jealousy by putting that person down [to clarify, I only put this person down, in my head, my own thoughts. I did not outwardly and publicly express those feelings to said person or anyone else for that matter.] I was super bothered that this upset me like that and I asked myself. Why do I feel the need to justify like that? To make myself feel better? Because it really doesn't make me feel that much better anyway which makes it a lose-lose situation. So I decided something. I decided that I was going to change my attitude and say to myself "I'm really happy for you [this person]", and then really feel it. Though it just started as words, I honestly felt a weight off my shoulders. As soon as assumed they had all the best intentions in the world and that they were genuine, it was easy to be happy for them!

I definitely fall victim to jealousy. Especially with all the social media craze. When people seem to be able to just vacation all the time, have the cutest clothes, all the latest accessories and all that jazz, I get jealous! Sue me! But then I have to remember to step back and think. Am I upset with my life? Because if I am then I should do something about it. If I'm not, which I am not, then why am I getting so bothered. Truth is, I love my life and all the things that it entails. I don't need to have the cutest clothes, the nicest things, the prettiest pictures, the coolest apartment, to be the happiest I can be. Sure I love cute clothes, and traveling, and taking pictures as much as the next person if not more, and I'd even go as far as to say those things DO make me happy, but I don't NEED it. And I don't need more of it or better of it (that doesn't make sense.. haha) than anyone else. My life isn't perfect, your life isn't perfect, no one's life is perfect and care-free. But it's those people who make the effort to be happy in all the imperfections, that seem like they have the perfect life, and that is something that I strive for. People call it fake when you only share the happy things in your life. It's not fake. Those things are very much real. The world has enough negativity, there's not need to contribute to it. I've said this before and I'll say it again. The more you focus on the positive, the harder it becomes to see the negative.

So here is to choosing happy. Happy for me and happy for others. It may be hard to perfect these goals, but I will try.  It makes a world of difference! Like, I am so happy right now:).

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  1. agreed sister! yeah, like i think it's totally find to only post happy/positive things, because it's not saying you don't have problems haha. it's just being positive! it is easy to feel like everyone is doing such fun things, but i've found that it's so easy for me to find things that aren't perfect about everyone else's life. not that it's a bad thing, just that everyone has things that aren't ideal (including myself), but i don't think any of us would trade our things that aren't ideal for anyone else's! ha!
    (also i feel like we need to be photography friends and learn from each other. i'm moving out of state in a year, so no competition haha)

    1. You're right. I totally wouldn't trade my problems for anyone else's haha. I don't really struggle with this a lot, but every one in a while it gets to me! As for posting positive things, it's weird, I've been seeing this trend of people who normally only post positive and then they will post some random negative thing in defense to prove their life isn't perfect, and I'm like, you should not have to prove that your life isn't perfect, to anyone! Ha... anyways.

      Girl, even if you were staying here I would still agree to photograph together and learn some things from each other! The kind of photographer I want to be is one who is friends with other photographers, not competition:)

    2. OMG I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I've been seeing it around too, and I'm like, "Ok, if other people think your life is perfect that is THEIR problem, and not yours haha. Like if they want to post negative things I'm supportive, but I feel sad when they feel like they have to, ya know? Just to prove other people in wrong. Cause especially in the blogging world people are so critical!

      And yay! That's how I am too, like I just want photography friends who want to do fun shoots and just adventure haha. But, I know some people are like, super sensative about thing like that. I get that noen of us probably want to show exactly how we edit, just so we can each still have our styles, but we can still have fun and share tips! Ha! Anyways, shoot me an email when you want to get together! I'm available all day Monday, Friday, and Saturday. And then Tues-Thurs before 2. I'm excited!

  2. I have felt the same exact way, sister! On multiple occasions, haha. In fact that same thing happened to me like ten minutes ago! Jealousy is the worst feeling, and it is so difficult not to compare sometimes. But every person's life has something, beautiful, unique and happy in it! We all just have different journeys.

    1. It's so true! When I step back, I really don't want to be anyone but me! :)

  3. i love this post - and you echoe'd one of my new years resolutions. being happy for others not only takes away your jealousy, it helps you love them more when you can be genuinely glad for them. it's goodness all around - thanks for sharing & thanks for the reminder! xo

  4. Ahh brilliant. Thank you! It's amazing what being happy for others can do!


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