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PART 4! This was our Polynesian Cultural Center day! But it didn't open until like 12 or something so we went to a little surf down and walked up and down the street and into some shops. There was this one Tibetan shop that I loved! They had the coolest little knick knacks, and the shop keeper was a sweetheart. I was looking at this ring and he was telling me about it and all the symbols on it. There was another thing Chance loved where you rub a wood mallet thing on a brass bowl and it makes a low bell noise. The shop keeper was telling Chance about it and how it's used for mediatation, and how when he moved here from Tibet he was shocked at how busy everyone here is, and everyone is just go go go, and that in Tibet meditation is a huge part of their culture. I was like, dang, I need that in my life. Hahaha! He was so sweet. :) 

Thanks to my friend Ariana, we got a SWEEET discount on the PCC. We watched their little river parade, and went around to the different island villages. I loved watching Chance try to start fire with sticks. He got some smoke, but that's it. We made some crafts, tried to poi, and watched some shows. The culture is just so awesome! Our Luau was sweet too. Yummy food and good entertainment. We also watched the night show, that was like really long, but it was cool and had some super funny parts. OH AND I WAS SO HAPPY TO FINALLY GET A FRESH FLOWER LEI!!!!

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  1. Love the cute dresses! Where did you get them!

    1. Thanks! I got my dress at Target a few years ago:)


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