11:42 AM

PART 6! The last part. We had to check out of our place at like 10, but our flight wasn't until like 10 that night! So we woke up early to go swimming and snorkeling one last time. I was so sad to leave it! We went to the swap meet, OKAY IT WAS HUGEEEE. It was super hot too and Chance and I were rookies and didn't have water bottles. We didn't find any souvenirs we wanted either. But it was fun to see the different stuff that was there! Then we went to Pearl Harbor. Gosh... such a sad place, but such a beautiful memorial. Then we drove around forever! We found some pretty look out points, and witnessed a gorgeous last sunset. We walked around the designer mall, like Gucci, Prada, etc and man I have never felt more like I didn't belong somewhere hahaha! Where's a Savers?! ;)
What a fun trip though!!! We really had such a blast. I loved spending 24/7 with Chance and not worrying about work or anything. I need one of these like monthly. Haha.

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  1. I have loved all of these Hawaii posts! It looks like you guys had the time of your lives! If i ever get to go, I hope you won't mind if I ask you some travel questions. Lol

    1. Thanks Candace!! Not a problem ask away :)


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