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(I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant but I wrote this a few weeks after we found out!)

Haha, I'm honestly just chuckling to myself as I start writing this! I'm just giddy with excitement.

Chance and I have always talked about having a big family. I told Chance maybe I wanted to wait like 2 years before having kids because I wanted some time for just us. He was like, umm how about 1 year? Haha, well the way life worked out it's been about 2 years! I've actually never been on birth control sooooo pretty crazy we made it that far, right? We started really trying to start our family at the beginning of this year. You just think it will happen right away, but that's just wasn't the case for us. Waiting month after month to know can be tedious. There was one month I was late and I took a pregnancy test about 6 days after my missed period, but it was negative, so I just thought, okay I have a late cycle this time. But then still nothing after 6 more days! I took another one and it was still negative, and a few days later I started my period. That was a let down.. After some months of no success we started wondering if we should go get checked or something. I really didn't want to because I don't like doctors so we just kept doing our thing...

Well, around the middle of July it was time for my period to start again, but it didn't come. Before getting my hopes up, I just waited it out. We had just moved and made a big change in our lives so I just thought it had thrown my cycle off, and that was normal. I remember thinking, "I'm only like 4 days late" so it was too early to get excited. I was also feeling some slight cramping, which is normal for me before I start my period and it usually indicates I'm going to start in the next day or two. Well, after some days I still hadn't started and it turns out I was telling myself "I'm only like 4 days late" for the next 2 weeks because when I actually looked at my little calendar tracker thing I was actually 2 weeks late! So that was something to get a little bit more excited about!

Aug. 4
I always thought it would be fun to kind of hide it from Chance, find out by myself, and then surprise him. But heck, I can't ever keep a surprise from him. I just tell him everything. I say what I'm thinking when I'm thinking it, haha, so he had known I was late and all that. He came in the bathroom with me and I peed on that stick and we waited a minute. I bought those cheapo ones, so I was like "Chance, is that a plus sign? The instructions say it doesn't matter how faint the lines are, if there are two then it's a plus.... do you see that? Is that a PLUS?!" We agreed it was more a plus sign than it wasn't.... SO WOW. Haha. I guess I'm pregnant?? We didn't quite have health insurance yet so we didn't rush to the Doctor to have it confirmed or anything, so for a while it was like "I mean, we are pretty sure I'm pregnant... I haven't started my period, there was a plus sign..." but we couldn't quite bring ourselves to totally believe it yet.

I immediately downloaded a pregnancy tracker app and starting reading evvvverything. I learned to calculate my estimated due day (40 weeks from the first day of your last period, who knew), and then the app told me based on that that I was 7 weeks. That was fun to see something like that. It told me the size of the baby, and all the things that were happening to it and to my body. We still hadn't gone to the doctor yet though.

The next week I started feeling different. I felt tired, hungrier than usual and nauseous if I didn't eat every few hours. Now, those seem like legit pregnancy symptoms but I was like "this is all in my head because I think I'm pregnant!" since I hadn't felt any different until I took the test. Everything I was reading was totally telling me I'm pregnant. Also the cramps I was feeling that I thought was telling me I was going to start my period, was my round ligaments stretching to make room for baby! Things were just lining up ya know. But still, we hadn't been to the doctor yet to have it confirmed so we just acted like I was pregnant, but not making a huge deal out of it quite yet.. haha.

Over the next few weeks, still no period, more nausea, more tiredness, and I also caught my nephews cold so that sucked! Stuffy noses that kept me from sleeping for like 2 weeks did not help anything! Oh, also MY EYES ARE SO ITCHY. I've never had allergies, and I thought maybe they were itchy because I was sleeping in my mascara, and it was old mascara (I know, terrible), but then I stopped wearing mascara for weeks and still, so itchy. So of course I looked up "itchy eyes, pregnancy" and sure enough, crazy hormones can make anything happen ;) that's what I started blaming it on anyways. I've never ever had allergies, so it's the only explanation, right?!

I wouldn't say I've had any crazy/weird cravings. And I wouldn't necessarily attribute the cravings I have to pregnancy. Before pregnancy there would always be random things I craved at random times. But since I am pregnant I will just claim it haha. Some things I've really craved are: Plain bread, or plain tortillas (homemade), macaroni and cheese (still haven't had any yet), and other things that are "plain". With the nausea, strong flavors and smells don't really help at all, and so I guess it's also made me pickier. Which is annoying because I'm not a picky eater and I don't like being picky, but with a queasy stomach, what do you do?

I'd say (and my husband would definitely say) that I've been more emotional lately. Poor Chance. Haha easier to cry, easier to get upset, easier to be in a bad mood. Not too awesome.

So right now I'm 10 weeks (we think, still haven't been to the doctor haha...). As far as "showing" the truth is, I've never in my life had a flat tummy. I have had quite a pouch for my whole life (not body shaming myself, I'm just sayin') so I don't think I'm showing, but I wouldn't necessarily be able to tell right away because I don't have a flat tummy to compare it to. My app says I will probably start showing as far as I can tell right about now.... but I'm just not sure. I feel really bloated and thick which is annoying... but I'm excited for the day that it's a true bump and there is no question by me or anyone else that it's there haha! Over all I'm feeling good. I basically took last week off from everything and spent all of Saturday in bed (because of my lack of sleep from this stuffy nose I got from my nephew but could also be a pregnancy symptom, I learned haha) but I feel a lot better this week.

We still haven't told ANYONE yet... we just don't want to tell anyone until we've been to the doctor haha. I guess people suspect though. But I mean, if you're a newly married Mormon woman and you get sick, everyone IMMEDIATELY thinks your pregnant. So what's new?

WE ARE SO EXCITED. Even though at this point it still doesn't feel quite real. Probably cause we haven't been to the doctor, told our families, and I'm not showing. Regardless, we are so excited. I also have 3 sisters-in-law that are pregnant right now, due in Oct, Dec, and Jan, and it's always been important to me to have my kids have cousins their age!!!

And of course, Chance has been amazing. Taking care of me, making sure I'm comfortable, always checking on me to see if I need anything. Everything I knew he would be and more.

Now I know it might be so cliche to do pregnancy updates, bumpdates, whatever you want to call it, but I just can't resist. I mean, what is blogging and journaling for anyways?! Stay tuned.

OUR FIRST BABY IS DUE MARCH 25!! Ah!!! jalksdj;lakjd;ldhf;a;oijr3o;iqjskdjaiufhiasjf!!!!

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