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What a fun Halloween this year! It was a whole weekend long! The Saturday before Halloween, we got together with my siblings Austin & Jessie and Chad & Leanne. We all dressed up in our costumes, went to Cafe Rio, to the Pumpkin Patch, and then back to Austin's to carve the pumpkins. Chance and I carved a spider, Austin and Jessie did a bat hanging upside down, and Chad carved Peppa the Pig for his daughter Sophie. Peppa is an English animated cartoon, and Leanne is from England! Because Leanne speaks with an English accent, Sophie does too! She just started saying Aubrey Chance that day and it's SOOO cute to hear her say "O-brey". Oh it made me so happy. Even though I don't think she knows that's me yet haha. We all carved pumpkins and chatted, baked the pumpkin seeds, and Jessie baked pumpkin cookies!

On Sunday we dressed up again and went to my grandma's for dinner. Chili and Spudnuts (homemade donuts made with potatos!) is the tradition Grandma has been doing for Halloween for like 50 years. We had lots of relatives there and some of them dressed up too! After we finished dinner, Grandma got out some cans of pringles and challenged us to make one of those "pringle ringles"! Haha I love that woman. Chance and my cousins did it, and it was pretty sweet!

On Monday, the day of Halloween, we dressed up again (I hand drew the stencils and hand painted our costumes and it took like 4 days, so I might as well get as much wear out of them as I can right!?) and we visited Chance's grandma for a bit, and she had candy and apple cider. We also made a spooky dinner (like my Grandma has done before) with purple spaghetti, mummy meatballs (meatballs wrapped in thin strips of bread dough), salad with ghost cheese in it, bread sticks that looked like bones, a green jello hand, dessert that looked like a worm in dirt (gummy worms and oreos), and a bubbling brew in our big black cauldron, with dry ice! We made a menu where each dinner item, including a fork and a napkin, were changed into spooky names. You could order 5 things off the menu, but you didn't really know what you were getting! So you might get food, but if you didn't order a fork... too bad! Or maybe you ordered spaghetti sauce, but no spaghetti! Haha after we did one round of that and laughed about what everyone ordered and tried to guess what menu item was what, we all just ate whatever we wanted. It was a bit of work, but it was really fun!

After dinner Chance and I watched Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2. Those are my kind of Halloween movies. I really really don't like the scary side of Halloween. I refuse to watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, or do scary bloody costumes. But I love the fun cute side of it! Chance doesn't hate scary stuff like I do, but he doesn't love it either either so it works out! We didn't really eat that much candy, which was a good thing, but it just didn't quite feel right ;)

Side Note: The picture of the creepy thing of bones, apparently Chance's family used to go find dead cow remains out on the desert every Halloween and make creepy things out of it. IT IS CREEPY haha, when his dad showed it to me I thought it was a real creature for like 10 seconds.

Also, while we were gone for the weekend, Chance's parents put together a big Halloween scavenger hunt and since we weren't there they set it up for us again the day after Halloween. They had us traveling all over! It was super fun, and probably a new tradition! :)

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! I love seeing every one's creative costumes. Time to think of next years costume when will have our baby! Ahh!

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