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A few things to mention w/pictures:

I was about time for a change! I no longer have virgin hair! Okay so actually I did bleach a strip of my hair that one time and dyed it with blue kool-aid... But other than that, my hair has never been touched by hair dye chemicals. And guess what. Even after dying my hair, it still hasn't been touched by hair dye chemicals! Don't believe me?
I dyed my hair with henna! All natural, plant based, hair dye. The only reason I never dyed my hair before was because I was afraid of damaging it and the up keep. So I found a natural way to dye it and I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER.  Chance was such a trooper and spent an hour putting the goop on my head (the goop which smelled like poop... and looked like poop... haha). After I rinsed it out my hair was SO SOFT! Henna is used as a conditioning treatment too, so not only is in not bad for your hair but it's actually good for your hair! Look, I'm not being paid or anything to write this stuff, I'm just literally so happy with it. Fun changes!

One year ago, Chance took me back to the place we had our first date, and said to me "Aubrey, I love you so much. I want to be with you forever! And I'm so sick of waiting!!!" And to be honest I'm not even sure if I let him finish out his thought, or maybe I did but I was just giggling with pure joy that I don't remember it. And I'm pretty sure I said yes 5+ times. I can't believe that was a year ago. What the heck guys!! I love that Chance's brother caught this on video, and you can watch it here.

Mini Cadbury eggs in February? I suppose it is to go with this early 60 degree weather too. But I'm not complaining!!

We were supposed to make this heart shaped pizza on Valentimes day, but we got so full from Olive Garden that we ended up not wanting to make it because we weren't hungry. So we made it on a different day, and it's so cute. Homemade pizza success!

This cutie loves face-timing. Oh my heck I love her. She was being so friendly and I loved it. 

A few things to mention w/out pictures:

- Work holidays are God's gift to full-time workers. President's day, (how do you even celebrate that) we just slept in and hung out, doing whatever we wanted! Then it makes the work week shorter. So so nice.

- We finished watching the Harry Potter movies... again. My life is over... again. (cry face)

- I met my blog friend Emily in real life! I'm sure most of you are familiar with her, because I think a good percentage of my blogs readers came from her Friends IRL facebook group. When blog friends become real friends, it is a good day. We had several "parent trap" moments and are totally on the same page about photography life. Happy happy!

- Per Utah's natural characteristics, it was sunny today. Then it rained. Then it snowed. All after a week of 60 degree weather. Typical.

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  2. Aubrey. Your hair!!! Holy smokes it is gorgeous! Can I get details?? :)

    1. Thank Ali!! I bought my dye from! They have a really good FAQ section and explanations of what henna is and all that good stuff, that they can probably explain more and better than I can! And what I forgot to mention is that it's just as cheap as box dyes from the store, and WAY cheaper than getting it done at a salon! And I'm a cheapskate for sure. It was like $10 per packet and for how long my hair is I bought 3, but only used about 2 1/2. Then I'm storing the rest to save for root touch ups when I need to!

      As far as application, it's a little bit of a pain, but I just had Chance use the gloves it came with and I separated it by layers, so I left the bottom layer down and he put the dye on, then let down the next layer and he put it on, etc. Needless to say, there were some pulled hairs haha. Anyways, once my hair was covered (so heavy haha) I put the little plastic head wrap that the dye came with and left it on for an hour. Then I rinsed it off in the shower (also a mess haha but cleans up really easy) and it came out way easier than I thought it would, and it says to only use conditioner after it's all rinsed out. My hair has never been so soft! It was amazing! Then they say that the color is pretty bright on the first day or two, but then the color oxidizes and darkens over the next couple days. So they say to not wash your hair again for about 48 hours, but I have read other places that you should wait about 4-5 days for the color to oxidize completely. I washed my hair after 48 hours, and some dye came out and I think it actually lightened a little bit, but I was okay with it. But if I did it again, I would wait 5 days.

      Things to note, from my experience:
      *Seriously, it smells so bad. Haha I think it smells like over powering asparagus, but Chance thought it smelled like cow poop, and he grew up on a farm so that might be accurate.
      *I bought the natural shampoo and conditioner from too and it's pretty expensive but I'm a hippy and I would like to use it to get my hair a little healthier haha and steer clear of the chemicals in commercial shampoo. But the color I ordered was the Auburn color, so it's actually a henna/indigo mix and the natural shampoo wasn't getting all the indigo out, and my hair felt super gross after washing with it, and my hands would turn blue if I ran my fingers through it a lot. Not that you have to buy their natural shampoo, but definitely regular shampoo will be needed to wash out the excess indigo. And the color will bleed into the shower water, but no need to worry! I think they strongly suggest not using regular shampoo regularly on henna treated hair.. but that might just be a sales pitch for their natural shampoo, I'm not sure! But you can use it as much/as often as you want because it's not harsh on your hair! Anyways, that might be useless info to you, but I thought I would share.
      *It's supposed to be "permanent" because it penetrates your hair, rather than just coating it like box or chemical dyes do. It's not supposed to fade, except like natural fading due to excessive sun or what not. I'm pretty sure you can chemical dye over it if you want... but I'm not sure if there are reactions or not, so I would research that more if you change your hair color a lot, since this is supposed to be a more "permanent" thing.

      Overall, super easy, love the color, love the price, and very happy with it! I'll probably stick to it for a long time, and I don't change up my hair a lot! After all this is the first time i've ever done anything with it. Anyways there's some details! There's a lot more out there that has information on henna hair dye other than, but they worked for me! Let me know if you have any other questions, and I can try to answer them!:)

    2. oh my longest comment reply ever. haha yikes.

  3. Wow that is so interesting with the henna! Your hair looks stunning and so soft and shiny! I am naturally a strawberry blonde so I can't picture myself going darker but I did get some highlights last summer and it did damage my hair way bad. I wish there was some natural way to go lighter! But I'm assuming with henna your only option is darker right? Haha.

    1. Thank you Hannah! Unfortunately it is only for if you want to go darker...bummer! But you should google natural ways to go lighter! I think lemon juice helps! I haven't researched it much, because I've never wanted to go lighter... haha Good luck!

  4. your blog is the cutest! so glad I found it! and the video is darling! also YOUR HAIR! Love it!!


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