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Oh man. Thanksgiving break was seriously what we needed. We started our festivities by making homemade pizza and watching Free Birds (OUR NEW TRADITION) the day before Thanksgiving. We used my mom's breadstick dough for the pizza crust and it was seriously perfect. We probably won't even buy pizza again. And I love that movie, it will always be so hilarious.

We stayed with my family for Thanksgiving this year, and we went to Grandma's with all my aunts and uncles and cousins and all their kids. Our family is so big, but I just love that we still get together so frequently. It was pretty crazy, but I love it! We stuffed ourselves with appetizers, and then stuffed ourselves with dinner. I had to take pie home because I couldn't stuff anything else! And of course Thanksgiving Bingo!!! 

Oh we also went around the tables and said what we are thankful for. I said I'm thankful that Chance always does the dishes! And that is for real because I LOATHE the dishes. I would rather clean the whole place and do that laundry than do the dishes. Thanks Chance :) . We ended our night watching The Grinch, of course.

The day after Thanksgiving we met Chance's family in Filmore to go Christmas Tree hunting. I'd never actually gone to chop my own tree down, but it was a blast. I didn't expect it to be so thick and to hike so much to find one, but we found a great tree! Chance's brother accidentally chopped a huge chunk off of it, so it's shorter than we wanted... but oh well! Haha. As cliche as it is, I love this time of year and being so festive! I'm crying inside because I have literally booked myself out with photography every single Saturday in December and I probably won't get to do half the things I want to this season :( . But, so far so good. Cheers!

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  1. Pretty Pretty Table!! Your blog is adorable!


  2. That Thanksgiving table setting is so cute, and I just love those cornucopias! Also is Free Birds a good movie? I saw that it was on Netflix a while back but didn't think anything of it!!

    1. Aren't they so cute?! I love that my Grandma always goes full out for holidays :)

      And seriously, I LOVE Free Birds. I think it is SO funny, and it's like the only Thanksgiving Movie out there. BUT I'm scared to hype it up too much because maybe I just have a different sense of humor. Unfortunately it's not on Netflix anymore :( But I really love it, we bought it haha.

  3. So I love your blog!! And i'm totally the same way about dishes. I'll do anything but clean the dishes!! haha love you cute Aubrey!!

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you RuthAnne! Love you!


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