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Where did January even go? And where did February even go?! Oh and see ya later March! Ce la vie... January was filled with a lot of cold weather, and some great photography bookings and shoots. And some other exciting things with business as well... Chance has officially joined me as a videographer and we have launched our Joint business 'The Visionary Co. Film + Photo' !!! And I mean we are registered with the state and everything. Legit. So that's exciting. We have worked a few weddings together, and wow it's the best! We both work other jobs too, so we are used to seeing each other like 4 hours of every day, minus sleeping. So it's sooo fun to spend all day together. We worked a lot on our website (which Chance is pretty much the mastermind behind!), so January just flew by!

February was a little slower, however the days just kept passing! We bought a National Federal Lands pass, because we go up American Fork Canyon a lot, so it pretty much just pays for itself, and we get entrance fee to any National Park! So for Valentine's Day/President's Day we went down to St. George and into Zion's. It was SO beautiful there. 70 degrees, clear skies (the smog in Salt Lake was... disturbing.) It was soo so hard to leave. Chance's sister, her husband, and his brother all live down there too, so his whole family actually came down and we spent some time with them too. We stayed with my Great Aunt Sharon, who is just the sweetest and Chance helped her with some chores, and also set up her webcam so she could skype her family. It was the cutest thing to watch! It was such a nice weekend. And Chance got me some new makeup for Valentine's Day, and I got him some camera gear..which I also benefit from.. haha. And we ate candy for breakfast. It was lovely! I'm so thankful to have him! He's just my favorite human.

March gave us some nice warm days, along with a lot of cold ones too. Spring in Utah... ugh, haha. We bought our Lucky Charms early this year for St Patty's day, so that was successful!

I'll do another post on Easter, so other than that... not too much to update! If there's anything I love to blog about though, it's holidays! I hope I can get back into blogging regularly, because when I read back on old posts, I'm just kicking myself for not keeping up on it. And I haven't taken my camera hardly anywhere with me lately, which has been nice to not worry about it or carry it around, but at the same time, I usually regret not having it. So hopefully I'll pick that back up too.

It is what it is!

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  1. I love how film-esque all these photos are <3

    1. Thank you! That is indeed what I was going for :)


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