3:58 PM

We went to the Christmas Shopping show with my parents, and we don't typically buy anything but it's fun to look around. We saw those wooden ornaments and found my name and Chance's name and we thought they were so cool. Then I saw someone I knew and started talking to them and then when we were done we went to look at them again, and the ones with our names were gone! .... While we were distracted mom and bought them for us! It was so sweet. And we love them so much.

We got our tree all decorated and things got really festive in here! See that tree skirt? We bought the fabric to make it like 2 years ago, and never made it until this year. CHANCE SEWED IT! He's amazing haha.

We also bought our Christmas Jammies and decided to have them early instead of Christmas eve, so we can wear them all season. You can see that it was Chance's year to pick out Jammies.... haha jk, I totally was a part of the decision. All the new Star Wars movies coming out around Christmas each year is going to be fun :)

We've loved having our little space all decorated and we can't wait for Christmas this week!

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