24th of July

5:22 PM

       After a crazy busy week I have found the time to update!

      The 24th of July was spent at the annual Pioneer Party at my Grandma's house. It was a special gathering, for come September, my grandma's house, the house my Dad grew up in, the house I have been to so many times and practically grew up in, will be torn down. I can't even believe it. Though my grandparents were made an offer they couldn't turn down, so I understand, but I can't believe it! I mean, not only are my grandparents moving, but the house will be GONE. My cousins and I were supposed to live in that house some day! I usually love change.. but when it comes to tradition... not so good.

We spent the evening visiting, eating the most delicious food (dutch oven style, like the pioneers), tying a quilt, sharing some pioneer ancestor stories and some great fireworks. Welcome to the Archibald Pioneer Party. "Where you're not just a name, you're a number!" (I'm number 125 in the family, out of around 230. Pretty big family!!)

Always so fancy for these get togethers at Grandma's. 

Like I said, not just a name! A number!

Hahaha my cute niece Layla who isn't quite so sure about anyone but her parents at this stage. But she will warm up! I've successfully held her and stopped her crying. Huge accomplishment. And even though she is sad, you can't help but ADORE that frown! Ahh!

One for everybody. Homemade rootbeer. Like I said.. so fancy.

Pretty much I just keep coming back to her cause she was the cutest thing there. Agreed? Agreed.

Brother's serving food. Twins maybe? Haha They have the coolest silver hair.

Not kidding. Here she is again. Those cheeks. You want to kiss them, I know.

The Woman who puts it all together. The Fabulous Karen Nilsson. So blessed to have her as my Grandma!

Chance even dressed up like a pioneer for the occasion. It's quite adorable.


Vampires? No. Those are my Great Grandparents. The reason for all of this madness! Hahaha. Oh and Isaac and Scooter. Just fitting in. haha.

I love celebrating. The way it brings family together. I don't even know 2/3 of the people there and I see them every year! How many other people even meet their grandma's side of the family? Probably not many. A great blessing it is.

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