Burr Lake!

8:29 PM

        Wow, it's been a while, but we have been crazy busy. Working full time, photo shoots, working out, making dinner, keeping
        the house clean, spending time with family... not much time to sit down and write it all out! But here, on this Sunday evening with no work tomorrow... There is time!

We had the pleasure of going camping in Bear Lake with Tanner, Ashley, and Layla. We had to work till 5 so we got up to Bear Lake when it was all dark, but Tanner and Ashley were there with a fire all ready waiting to roast some s'mores! And you know what? It rained. Almost the whole time. We were supposed to take out some Jet Skis but the weather was too bad. It was a bummer, but we still had fun. We played lots of Uno, and man. I don't like games, but Uno is okay. But the last round we played was SO long. It got intense, really

Layla is maybe beginning to warm up to us... she will eventually and we just love her.

It was fun to go to Bear Lake, it's just so beautiful. Bummer with the rain, but it's just so beautiful there, ya gotta go out at least once!

Thanks Tanner and Ashley for inviting us!

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