Road Trippin

8:57 PM

       After our fun at Bear Lake we had to wake up early in the morning, take down our tent and pack up, and hit the road for 
   Idaho. We were traveling to shoot a Wedding there! My first job as a "traveling photographer"! Pretty awesome, even if it was just Idaho. 

It really was the prettiest drive, and it wasn't too far.

He's the best for making the Trek with me. Even if he just naps while I work!

Between shooting at the Temple and the Reception that evening, we had 5 hours to kill. And when you have 5 hours of downtime in a place you haven't been before, you use that time to explore! And we actually found some pretty sweet sutff! Like this huge gorge!

And this sweet bridge!

We found a little picnic place with a lake that we KNOW we would have swam in if we could have.. and if it was a little warmer. And if we lived there we would be there all the time! It was so fun!

Get this... we were in Twin Falls Idaho, so we are like "Let's go find the Twin Falls!"
So we take the directions we are given to find out there is only ONE FALL now, due to them blocking the other fall to create a power plant... I mean it makes sense, but we were pretty upset! I didn't even take a picture of it..

But Shashone waterfalls did not disappoint!

This is the best. Chance found this "Penny Pincher" machine and he just had to do it. All 3 times for all the different options.

The joy that this penny pinching brought him was priceless.... 

Actually the price was $1.50, so that's quite the bargain for such happiness!

The Twin Falls Idaho temple is beautiful, and we love being able to see different temples.

After shooting the reception that night, we made the drive home that night. Chance is such a trooper for driving that late at night... and I tried to stay awake but WOW IT WAS HARD.

We made it home. Safe and sound. It was a fun little adventure. We love exploring and finding new things. We learned we really like Twin Falls Idaho and would love to go back to actually DO some stuff rather than just explore. Idaho, we'll be back!

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