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                These are from like the last 3 weeks... haha I'm so behind. These pictures are not in chronoligoical order and some of
      them are totally random. But they must be documented:)


Turning down Grandma's cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, and parmesan rolls. THE hardest day of the Whole30, BY FAR\\ always dropping the soap or razor or EVERYTHING while in the shower. It frustrates me SO easily// Missing a family party in Delta because I was booked for a wedding\\ starting Insanity at home ahhhh it's death.//my pants splitting in the crotch while at work! ah!!\\


FINISHED THE WHOLE30! I'm so proud of ME! I'm proud of Chance too, but he didn't seem to struggle as much with it haha. No dairy, grains, or sugar for 30 days, COMPLETE! I maybe didn't see super extreme results in my body that I wanted to, but there was definitely change and my clothes fit a lot better. Mostly I'm just proud that I committed and followed through. Now... where is all that easter candy!? ;) (Jk we ate our Easter Candy and felt super sick haha)\\ Celebrating May the 4th be with you, complete with decorations and princess leia hair buns.. haha.//Feeling extra confident with my photography lately and making as much $$ with it as I am at my full time job!\\Great things happening at work and boosting my confidence all the time.\\ Thinking about birthdays and summer!// Chance's family coming into town and going to his brothers setting apart to go back on his mission\\ rainy days and how they make the air so fresh//Warmer mornings!\\Going to the Bees game for work!\\The note from one of the primary girls saying we are the best primary choristers. literally melted my heart, especially since Chance and I have felt discouraged in our calling lately.

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  1. Giddy and happy bc I am pretty sure that temple is the Brigham City temple and well that means it was the day I got married, so boom. :) Yes I am commenting anonymous because I am on my old gmail account that is linked to an embarrassing blog, so there you go. I'm so excited to see all of the rest of our pictures!

    (I'm going to be SO embarrassed if that isn't the BC temple, but I'm 98% sure it is.)

    1. Haha well you are right! That is the day you got married:) I had a lot of down time before you came out of the temple!


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