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On Memorial day, we left Delta in the morning to go spend some time with my family. 
But first! We stopped by Chance's brother, Ty's, grave. I really wish I could have known him!
I love to hear stories about him though. It seems like he had such a love for life! Can't wait to meet him some day.

I clearly speak louder with photos, so yes this post is jam packed.

We drove up to Sandy and met my family at my Grandparent's grave. I can't believe it's been so long with out them. The cemeteries on memorial day are SO beautiful, with all the flowers and flags every where. I love having a day celebrated by remembering your loved ones and commemorating all those who have died to preserve our freedoms. I haven't ever known any one super personally that has served in the armed forces, but knowing all they they sacrifice fills me with the utmost gratitude. Both of Chance's grandparents, and his great grandpa, served in past wars. His Great Grandpa Losee was in battle and was shot right through his helmet and the bullet just barely skimmed the top of his head. He was so lucky! 
It breaks my heart to read stories of fallen soliders, especially knowing that they were Fathers, and Husbands, and sons... Really, I am so grateful. 

After spending some time at the cemetery, we went back to my parents house to have a little celebration of May birthdays. Unfortunately, Austin is in NC, and McKay is in Norway, and Chad (whose birthday is June 2, but we still count it... ) was out with Leanne and her Dad who was in town, they missed their celebration. So it was just me and Dad :) Mom made sheet cake at my request because I haven't had it in so long, and IT WAS SO GOOD. Mom also gave me Josh Groban's new album, Stages. I'm a sucker for J Groban + Broadway Hits!
I'm 22 and dad is 58. Can you believe that? Doesn't he look like he is 40? He is the coolest. :)

On our way home from Delta on Monday morning Chance and I just talked about how we wish we didn't have to work everyday. It was such a beautiful morning when we were driving and we wish so badly every day could be like that! Or at least only 4 day weeks, am I right? Back to the daily grind I suppose!

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  1. Love your birthday photos!
    You're beautiful and you and your family look so happy together. xo

    1. Thank you Candace! You are so sweet!

  2. aubrey all of these pictures are SO GREAT. i can feel the emotion of this day through the photos. you are talented. (and yay for new cameras!!)

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot!!

  3. Aw you're so cute. And yes working freaking sucks and ruins everything.


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