10:53 AM

Trips to Chance's home town of Delta are always nice. It's like a mini road trip. We get to travel through the middle of no where, jam to our music, BUT not be stuck in a car for 8 hours. 
We went to spend the weekend with his family since I didn't have any photography scheduled (for once!) We had a blast just hanging out, eating homemade ice cream (with my ice cream maker!), watching movies, having bon fires, playing on the zip line and playing night games. We also went to a rock crawling competition, if you don't know what that is, it's where big jeeps are souped up and they just drive over obstacle courses. You look at the course and you think 'there is no way that jeep is getting over that', and then they do. It was fun! We met up with Chance's uncle and cousins there and hung out with them for the day and they came over later for night games and the bon fire. Chance's uncle Robert came by Sunday night and it was so good to see their family too!

(PS, I've officially entered into the world of all things CANON and FULL FRAME. Wow. It makes the biggest difference ever. Chance says I earned it:)

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  1. Look absolutely perfect! Love the photography

  2. okay that zipline?? can i come next time?

    1. YES. Ha welcome to my husbands childhood.

  3. So glad you're loving the full frame!! It really does make such a difference and you have DEFINITELY earned it! You're so booked!!


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