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My family got together on July 3rd for a breakfast up the canyon! French toast strata, hash brown casserole, and fruit! Chance and I provided the homemade almond syrup:) I love spending time with the fam! I brought along some Independence Day Trivia for the family and it's kinda funny to see how much we don't know :/. We will just review them every year until we know them:)

For example:

Do you know how many men signed the Declaration of Independence? 56. "It was a very courageous act, as it was an act of Treason against the King of Britain, punishable by death." Then Tanner says "So how many died?.... All of them!". Hahahaha like they have all died (but not from the death penalty). It was funny...

July is definitely one of my favorite months! (And with it being August now, it's time to get around to updating!)

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