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Why can't we all just have hair like my husband and my 3 year old niece?
#photojournal hahaha

Baby boy is home!!! The last of the lot, the end of the line! McKay came home from his LDS mission to Norway, last night. We were so excited to see him! Mac and I got real close before he left, we are just great buddies! And gosh it's like he never left! We are so happy to have him home! 

Okay, and seriously Millie never left his side. She's obsessed with him, it's the cutest thing.

In case you didn't know how much can happen in 2 years... here's what happened while McKay was gone:

Three new in-laws. Yes, he missed 3 of our weddings :(
Three new nieces, plus when he left Millie wasn't talking or anything! Now she's a chatter!
Grandma & Grandpa Haws passed away
Grandma & Grandpa Nilsson moved from the house they have lived in for our whole lives.

Lots of changes!

Welcome home McKay! 

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  1. Norway! That's awesome! Also, your niece looks like you so much haha

    1. I know, Norway is like the coolest place.. I'm so jealous!

      Haha I don't think she looks like me! But I'm glad you think so:)


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