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We had the first Brett & Marci Nilsson Family Reunion!!!! Family reunions are a HUGE part of my childhood. My mom's side of the family kind of lived all over the country while I was growing up, so we had a big reunion every 2 years or something. I always had such a blast with my cousins and aunts and uncles. My grandparents loved having everyone together! And my dad's side of the family mostly lives in Utah and we get together at grandma's almost once a month to celebrate the birthdays of that month. It's like a family reunion every month!

It's so fun to have our family growing big enough to have our OWN family reunion! We rented a cabin up in Park City for Labor Day weekend and we played games, went to Swiss Days, went to the "visitors ward" for sacrament meeting (the place was PACKED), had a talent show, and so many laughs were shared! I'm seriously obsessed with my family!

I was obviously having too good of a time because I hardly took any pictures! That's really unlike me haha, so here's what I have:

Then I had the pleasure (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice) of taking our own family pictures. Hahaha okay it wasn't like totally miserable, but let's just say a self timer photo is more than difficult when you have 4 small children to try to get to behave. We invested in a remote which definitely made it easier, (so I didn't have to run back and forth every 10 seconds) but man it's hard to take a picture when you can see what you're looking at! 

And here are some quotes that surely you won't understand, but I/my family will look back on and have a good laugh:

- Jace in Catchphrase: "Oh you do it at Halloween with that orange thang"
- Aubrye: "these last 8 seconds will determine the mood for the rest of this trip"....... BYU WINS.......Tanner: "Aubrey is the most happy!"
- Aubrey teaching Millie to say "totally" with 2 thumbs up.
- Gracie " Mommy! Mommy!" before anything she says
- Millie's "whip and nae nae"
- Self timer remote family pics
- Logo game, Ashley's turn, "what character became the main symbol for the company it was created by?" ashley- "Bugs bunny??"... MICKEY MOUSE! haha so obvious
- shrades, dad's turn, movie 2 words 1st word, little word, the, 2nd word, ........ tanner: "wait he's copying me.. THE IMITATION GAME!"
- Shrades Leanne's turn- "Oh seriously? I hate this one..." movie, one word, aubrey: "INCEPTION!"
- mom in catch phrase for "skid mark" laughing histerically, "when you poop your pants and slide on the floor"

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  1. You're family sounds like a blast to be around! Ps. I love your new blog layout. Can I ask you how you designed your Instagram widget?

    1. Thank you!! Haha I haven't changed my blog layout for like... A year? Haha but thanks!

      I just used the Instagram snapwidget :) and then I created my own header in pic monkey!:)


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