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          Been MIA recently so here are the little tid-bits I would like to have noted.

        -Went to 7 Peaks. Twice with Chance's family. First time was a blast, rode all the slides except the orange one (because it's like the same as the blue and we did that) and the flusher slide because we got RAINED OUT. Second time was more chill, and we didn't go on any slides, but still very fun:) Then we went again last week because Chance's work gave free tix, so we didn't ride any slides again but we got some good sun!

-Grandma threw a party in place of the Pioneer Party  and apparently we forgot to draw names for the quilt last year, so we did at this party AND I WON!!!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. GRANDMA IS SO CUTE AND WAS SO HAPPY FOR ME.

- Chance and I just finished our second Whole30! And... we just barely realized corn in a grain. What the heck. I swear corn is a veggie! So our last Whole30 we kind of ate a lot of corn. So I guess we technically didn't do it last time... but this time it was a super strict Whole30. HAWAII IN LIKE 2 WEEKS!!!! And now we are terrified to eat anything not on the Whole30. They aren't kidding when they say they change your relationship with food. Hahaha ;)

- It's SEPTEMBER!!! The start of Harry Potter movie marathon to finish by Halloween! And I didn't even realize, Hogwarts school starts on September 1st, so that was just like, perfect.

- I got some blonde in my hair but now it's green so that's a huge bummer... hahahaha

What else what else what else....


-Austin and Jessie came home from North Carolina!! YAY!!!!! We made them this sign and put it on their door and it said "WELCOME HOME AUSTIN AND JESSIE! We are SO glad you're not in North Carolina anymore!!" And then I drew a map of the US with North Carolina crossed out in Red and a heart around Utah... haha I should have taken a picture of it. But we are so happy they are home and live so close to us! We took them up the canyon for a little fire, and some tin foil dinner and treats! (whole30 treats haha) 

I have been looking forward to September for quite some time now! YAY!! okay im done.

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