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I drafted this post last week on a hard day I was having, and I'm just getting around to posting it :)

I just spent about 20 minutes writing a post full of complaints. In depth complaints about how I'm too busy, unappreciated, not feeling like myself, lacking creativity, not feeling Christmas-y enough... Ya know, one of those typical yet trendy "let's get real" posts where we point our flaws and problems. Then I read it to myself, and I was like... that is so annoying! Why does complaining or being negative or pointing out flaws (on social media, ya know, so everyone knows it) make something "real"? Yes, those things are real, but I just find it bothersome that people associate what is real, with that kind of stuff. Because guess what is REAL? Happiness is REAL! So I took a picture using my tripod, and staged my husband and I sharing a kiss, doesn't mean that it's fake. I love my husband and I love kissing him, that's real..haha.  Just because I DIDN'T take a picture of the fight we got in, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Just because I (or anyone) hardly ever share my trials, or complaints, or whatever, does NOT mean that everything I'm happy about in life is not real. It's not about portraying a perfect life, but I don't think there should be any condemnation for not sharing the hard stuff going on in your life. You can if you want, but both are REAL.

You know what else is real? How much I LOVE THE SNOW. It is the prettiest and most magical, and I'm so happy I have had some brides that want their pics in the snow, even if when it comes around they may have regretted it in the moment, because it was so FREAKING cold. But after seeing the end result, it's all worth it again. And I'm SO happy we finally got a snow storm that reminds me of the snow when I was a kid. That hasn't happened in years. I even got to work from home because there was so much snow, and working by the tree while it snowed outside was amazin. I'm so happy that at work we have had a ton of Christmas Activities so it's like hardly working the whole month of December! I'm SO happy Chance finishes school today so I can have my husband back! I'm SO happy that my sister-in-law Ashley showed me that I should make pizza dough with my mom's breadstick recipe. It works PERFECTLY and it is SO good, and now Chance will actually eat pizza.

There's a lot I could complain about So let's keep it real, shall we? And remember that being happy, excited, lovey dovey, cheesy, proud of your accomplishments and who you are, and sharing it all with the world is REAL TOO! So there's my jumbled thoughts for the day.

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