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This year for Christmas my parents got us kids together and told us that they didn't want us to all pitch in for one gift for them. What they wanted from us was to have a little outing with each of us separately. Don't you just love that idea?! The older I get, the more I care less for "things", and it's the memories and moments I love most. So Chance and I decided to take my parents ice skating!! I'm so glad they were happy to do that. Chance and I LOVE ice skating (mostly me) so it was super fun to be with my parents doing something we just love. And they are just so cute, I adore them!! After we went ice skating, we planned to go to Kneaders for dinner at City Creek. Haha okay I don't know why I didn't assume there would be a huge wait, beforehand. Saturday night, downtown? Crazy busy. So we just ate at the Red Iguana at the food court, which wasn't super ideal because it was so crowded and loud, but it was still way yummy. After dinner we walked around downtown a little bit with them.  Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. We love you so much and are so thankful to have you!

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