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Merry Christmas!!
Chance and I spent Christmas in Delta with his family this year. We had a lot of fun playing Mario Kart and Super Smash, and some other games on the WiiU, and watched some movies, at LOTS of yummy food and sweets. We were woken up early by Chance's little brother on Christmas morning to open presents! We gave Chances parents a WiiU game, and a converter to switch between all their game systems. We gave Skyler and Jamie a baby carrier for colt, and some clothes for colt. We got ourselves Harry Potter and the Extended edition Lord Of The Rings Blu-rays, and some candy. Chance's parents and Akayleigha & Brody (and Tanner and Ashley) gave us a really nice Wheat Grinder that we are super excited about! Chance's parents gave us a blanket and a Mr Coffee maker, for postum! Chance got me a gun (now I really fit in with his family haha)! And I got him a nice ping pong paddle!

We are so thankful to spend time with family for the holidays and we can't thank Chance's parents enough for all that they do for us as they host us in their home :)

This is the only photo I took on Christmas... can you believe that? haha... We love this little pudgy nephew of ours!

On Monday we had a Christmas Family Home evening with my family, where we ate a yummy dinner, popped "crackers" (an English Tradition), sang some carols, watched a video my mom put together of all the outings they went on with the kids, and had our sibling gift exchange. We gave Tanner and Ashley a big map and pins so they can pin all the places they have traveled. They chipped in to get our Wheat Grinder! :) Mom and Dad gave us a family history book, and a nice little fire starter. It was fun to spend a little holiday event with my family too! 

I hope you all had a great Christmas and spent it with the ones you love!

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