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I'm usually a "Christmas-right-after-Halloween" kind of person. Not that I don't like Thanksgiving, because I totally do. But there aren't really Thanksgiving songs, or movies... so I just kind of get on with Christmas, while totally celebrating Thanksgiving! 

Chance is a very "Christmas-AFTER-Thanksgiving" kind of person. And when he mentioned getting a cornucopia for our Thanksgiving decoration centerpiece, I was totally down! We even arranged it ourselves.

So maybe Christmas has been pushed back more than normal for me, but we have sufficient fall/Thanksgiving decorations right now, AND- we found a HILARIOUS Thanksgiving movie. It's called Free Birds. It's about turkeys who go back in time to the first Thanksgiving to get Turkey off the menu. It only got 2 stars on Netflix, but I will tell you, I was DYYYING just in the first 30 minutes! Maybe it's because I made an strong connection with the main turkey who loves pizza.... Highly recommended. 

So maybe Thanksgiving just got a little funner to celebrate, though I've started listening to Christmas Radio in the car and even snuck out a few decorations already. It's the Holiday season people! And I'm here to tell you, if you don't MAKE it fun, you're just going to see it as any regular season (aka Chance for the last 6 years). 

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  1. ah thanksgiving movie recommendations! thank you thank you!

    1. Seriously it's hilarious. I'll feel really dumb if you just think it's stupid... ahaha but I genuinely love it!

      You're welcome:)


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