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       Oh hello. Don't mind us over here still spookin it up! October may be over, but we are celebrating 2nd Halloween! Traditions 
       die hard with me and we just didn't have time in October to carve pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds, make cider in a cauldron with dry ice, or watch Casper! So even with Halloween over, we decided to do those things still!

We definitely used those candles. They used to be so tall!

Chance's pumpkin is supposed to be the Eye of Sauron... not Mike Wizowski... either way though! 

Like I said, traditions die hard and I'm all kinds of happy that we got to do these classic Halloween traditions.  And they will happen every year (hopefully within the Halloween season next time...)

Happy Hauntings! 

On to all things Thanksgiving! (and Christmas, but don't tell Chance, he will throw a fit. Ha!)

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  1. Looks so fun! Thanks again for the invite cute girl- wish we could have come and celebrated with you and Chancer :)

    1. Next time! ;) And thanks for the invite to Comedy Sportz! We need to do something soon!


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