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2014 was a year different than any other year I've ever had. Not a bad different. Just a different. And I can't really put my finger on it. It's a million little things I suppose. Haha I want to be really insightful and say it was the best year or that I came out a changed person... Those things are true, but I'm just drawing a blank. 

Honestly, this year was a total blur (especially everything that happened before we got married). I got a full time job which made my days very much all the same. I got married and it has been the best to share my life with my best friend!! Truth is, we got married and then when straight to being super busy, so our life together has consisted a lot of coming home from school/work and making dinner, snuggling and turning on a movie, since we only have a few hours before bed time. We thrived off the weekends for a while, but even those became extremely busy with family gatherings, and with Saturdays being my only day to do photography. It's like we never had a minute to just be! Haha. It's not a bad thing, but just different than I'm used to. I guess this is what happens when you have a priority to pay off school loans ASAP! 

And it's times like these that I'm really grateful that I have recorded our lives on this blog (and my blog before we got married) and taken pictures, because I really think I would not remember all these fun things we have done... Haha. They kind of just get lost in all the busy crazy "grown-up" life things. I feel a little embarrassed to say that! But that's the truth and I'm just going to be real about it. 

Even if 2014 was the busiest year I have had yet, and I didn't exactly get to do all the things I would have liked, it will always be a special and significant year because it's the year Chance and I started our FOREVER! And there is no one I would rather be with (even if we are only with each other for a bout 4 hours a day. )

New Years Eve we went down to Delta and went to their city celebration and there was this really lame band, who shall remain nameless, in the most hilarious way. Like there were this two really old guys (over 65) and then these two really young girls (20s) and a young guy (20s). Then the oldest guy dressed up as Elvis but didn't even attempt to impersonate his void... Ha. So random. And they played really old slow music. Ya know, just the kind of music that really gets you pumped for the new year! (not). Haha.. That may have been a little harsh, but I'm just saying it like it was. So Chance and I ditched and went and bought some sparkling cider, noise makers, and played Lego Batman on the Xbox. Oh yeah and we watched the Times Square celebration LIVE so we watched the ball drop 2 hour early... whoops. Then we celebrated again at real midnight. 

2014 was good, great, magical, busy, long, happy, did I say busy?

2015, I welcome you. No seriously, let's get on with it... Ha:)

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  1. okay, you're adorable! glad I found your blog!!

  2. ok, have i told you how great your eyebrows are yet? because they are killer. serious envy over here.

    anyway, it looks like you had a fabulous year! and i'm with ya - most of my marriage has been sneaking time together on weeknights and occasionally on weekends when we aren't crazy busy. although it's not always ideal, looking back i'm so proud of how hard we've worked and all we've done! (even though somedays i wish we just hung out together 24/7. that would be life!)

    1. Oh my heck. Haha okay that is my favorite compliment because I seriously have THEE WORST eyebrow genes. Those babies are not natural (in that they do not naturally grow that way not that they are drawn on because I definitely have real eyebrows!! haha) anyways it took me some serious time to perfect their shape. Maybe one day I'll share what they look like in their true nature, but probably not. Ha! Thank you:)

      Life is the busiest but we both understand that it's totally necessary and worth it (right now anyways) but like why can't we just go on a lifetime honeymoon? Haha! Thanks for your sweet words!


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