3:12 PM

I want to write you a letter about your [future] daddy. I'm so grateful for him. He has made me the happiest I have ever been. 

He has the kindest smile ever. Sometimes he just looks at me and gives me this smile, and my heart literally melts because I can see in his smile, and in his eyes, how much he cares about me, and how much he just loves being with me. I can't wait to see his smile when he sees you for the first time. 

He is the best tickle monster, and he is such a good sport too. He'll even let you tickle torture him a bit. He's gonna rough you littles up, but don't worry it will be fun (plus you can always run to me for protection!). He will make you tough and encourage you to face your fears. He will tell you to never give up and he will always help you learn. Don't count on him to do hard things for you, he will teach you how to do them yourself, and you will be so grateful for that.

Your Daddy is very clean. He likes to be in a clean house. I'm willing to bet you kids are going to make some hefty messes. Your daddy is going to nag you to clean up those messes and it will make him so happy when you do! But guess what... even if you don't, Daddy will probably end up cleaning it anyways, because he has OCD and because he is nice like that, haha. He always helps clean up. If we are at a family gathering, you can bet we will be the last to leave because he is helping clean up everything. Such a selfless character he is!

He is such a big tease so be prepared for that! He is gonna tease you all day long. Because he loves you. And you will be able to pick up on it so fast and tease him right back! It will be really fun! But if he is teasing you too much, just tell him and he will say sorry and snuggle you so fast, and that being said...

He is the best snuggler. We actually calling it "mawling" in this family, because that's what Daddy does. He will just fling his whole self onto you so you can't even breathe. All in the name of love. Mawl him back okay? He will just love it. So will I!

Oh [future] children. You [will] have the best daddy ever. I just know it. And I can't wait to see it!  

-Your [future] mom.

(This isn't any kind of announcement, though it may seem like it. You can just calm down. Thanks. haha!)

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  1. I love the idea of this post. So sweet. Actually I love all your past few posts I've checked out... They're so genuine! Your blogs the cutest!

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! You are too sweet!


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