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So yeah, I turned 22! Let me tell you what turning 22 entailed:

Yesterday, Chance took me shopping so I could have a new outfit to wear on my birthday. Also, remember in my last "Lows n Highs" how I ripped my pants.... we also took those back to see if we could exchange them or something, because I haven't had them for very long! 

So we went to the store and they said we could exchange them for another pair of pants. Problem was, they didn't have any other black pants in the store at that time. So they called the Provo store and had them put black pants the same size as my ripped ones, on hold. We stopped at H&M to see if I could find anything I liked, and I only found 2 shirts that I did really like... but were too big and they didn't have anything smaller... so we left and went to the Provo store to get my pants because it was almost closing time. So we went and got my pants, and also got buy one get one free sun glasses, so that was nice:). We went to TJ Maxx to try and find anything, but I didn't find anything I liked... all the stores were closed now, so I went home and tried on the pants and they didn't fit! I couldn't get them over my thighs! But they were the same size... so what the heck.

SO THEN. My birthday. I had to work, but my coworkers decorated my desk and gave me cards. We went to Kneaders for lunch, where I had the turkey cranberry croissant sandwich and a pumpkin muffin top which both were VERY tasty. It was funny too, because my manager had secretly found out one of my favorite treats is pumpkin pie so the day before she had searched everywhere but obviously no one is selling it because it's out of season.. haha but I had that pumpkin muffin top and it was perfect! And she let me go home 30 min early, so that was great.

I came home and Chance had decorated our apartment with streamers and balloons and had 2 gifts waiting for me on the floor! I waited for him to get home to open them. He came home and I jumped on him because I was so excited to see him and just spend the rest of the day with him! I opened my gifts and he got me some nice makeup brushes, and.... an ice cream maker!! It looks old fashioned, but it has an electric motor so we don't have to hand crank it. I love it!! 

We went out shopping again, since I didn't get a new birthday outfit the day before, and let me tell you. HUGE FAIL. We went back to get find the right size of black pants, and it was 
quite the "kafuffel" as my British sister-in-law Leanne would call it. :) They didn't have the next size up so he told me I could try on another pant to find the right size and he would order it for me online. So I tried on other pants... and the ones that fit was the size that I had that DIDN'T fit. So then we found out the ones I had were a different cut so that was probably why. So he searched online, 2 other stores and NO ONE had my size in the pants I wanted. And I only wanted black pants! So... he ended up putting it on a gift card and I looked around for something else I might want. Problem is... Pac Sun guys. If you're an endowed Mormon, you can't wear 99% of what is there. Haha so I bought this sweater that was on clearance, knowing I probably wouldn't be able to wear it until Fall.. but oh well. Lucky for me it was like super rainy and actually chilly so I did get to end up wearing it.

We grabbed some Cafe Rio for dinner since we haven't had it in FOREVER, #notwhole30approved. It was really quite tasty. Also Chance asked the cashier "Do you do anything for birthdays?" and the grumpy girl just goes "I can give you a dessert." Okay! We got Tres Leches and it was really yummy! And Free. AND she stamped our frequent customer card twice even though we only bought one meal... Happy Birthday me!

So then we went to Target, because Target is pretty awesome right? Wrong. There wasn't anything there I liked either! Well, there was like 2 things, but of course they didn't have MY SIZE. What the heck. No one had my size of anything. And I am very averagely sized. So whatever.

The shopping was a huge fail and we basically spent my whole birthday looking around, BUT it was SO fun just being with Chance and goofing around... haha. We came home late and made homemade ice cream and cookies for my birthday treat. Homemade vanilla ice cream is SO much better than store bought. I never buy vanilla ice cream by preference. But homemade is SUCH a treat.

Overall, quite a successful birthday, and I felt so loved and blessed by all the people in my life! Birthdays are so fun!

My sweets really spoils me with the love that he gives. He is so much more than I ever dreamed, and he makes me feel like every day is my birthday! I love you so dearly Chanceryan!

23, I'm comin' for ya!

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