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[another month late post. oh well!]

My Chanceryan turned 27 last month! Hahah 27!!! That's almost 30! And my favorite thing to hear is Chance say "...... I remember when my dad turned 30.".... Hahaha! We are behind on the whole children thing ;)

Last year I felt like a failure on Chance's birthday. I didn't decorate until he got home, no cake, no presents. Fail.

This year I vowed to redeem myself! As soon as Chance fell asleep the night before [like 10 minutes after we got in bed] I got up to decorate the place so he could wake up to it! I put streamers everywhere and happy birthday sign, and wrapped his gifts [new shoes he desperately needed] and had a card waiting for him on the table. I had to leave for work early that morning, but he took they day off. He deserved it. I took pictures of the decorations but the pictures were like sooo pathetic haha, like, I really don't care what people think, but they are just dumb pictures, so just picture it in your head.

When I got home, we went to Cafe Rio, of course, because you guys, Chance and I can share a salad and both of us are full after it, so it's like $8 for 2 people. That's cheaper than fast food! And we are quite the frugal couple, so cafe rio is our jam when it comes to eating out. Anyways, we went to the Provo location and asked if they did anything for birthdays, because in Orem they gave us free dessert for my birthday, but the just said "we can sing..." and we were like uhhh no. 

Haha I just had to take these little birthday pics of my husband.

AFTER. Haha so content

June 30 has become one of my favorite days because I get to do what I love to do best; celebrate Chance! Happy Birthday to my sweetheart :).

Oh yeah, I convinced Chance to take us to Cafe Rio again the next day, but we went to Orem that time and they gave us free dessert for his birthday :) success.

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  1. That is lame that the Provo location wouldn't do anything but the Orem one does! Well I know which Cafe Rio to go to for birthdays for sure! My husband and I will share stuff there too! So much food and it definitely saves money.

    1. Seriously! I did notice it was the same cashier in Orem both times... so hopefully she is there when/if you go haha. :)

  2. We will be right with ya on the children thing. No fret. Also, don't mind me. Just pinning allllllllll your pictures :)


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