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Independence Day! Yay! Chance and I wanted to stay busy this day so we planned it all out. We woke up bright and early to catch the Hot Air Balloon festival! Though none of the balloons took off because of the weather, they did inflate them which was still pretty cool... Then we walked over to Center Street to find Tanner and Ashley because they invited us to come watch the parade with Ashley's family. Our favorite part of the parade was Darth Vadar and his storm troopers haha. Also when Layla was dancing. Such a cutie!

After the parade we just went home and relaxed a bit. It was SO hot at the parade and the heat made us tired! We were craving hot dogs super bad so we went and bought some really quick and roasted them over our stove. They seriously hit the spot. Then we headed to Grandmas for a little BBQ. You can always count on Grandma to have the cutest most festive decorations! Grandma also wanted us to play this game (that, mind you, she got the idea out of the newspaper and cut it out! It's like old school pinterest) where it was like croquet but with big balls and pool noodles. It was something else, I'll tell ya! (Mostly my mom got competitive with Chance and it was so funny!)

And of course I talked my parents into buying the matching old navy flag shirts with us. Long live tradition! And God Bless America!

(PS, no pics of Pioneer day were taken... too bad but some times you just gotta put down the camera and enjoy the moment haha. Also Pioneer day was great, however no traditional Pioneer Party this year.. and I really missed that. Next years goal is to make new traditions that make me really feel like it's pioneer day! Pioneer games, dutch oven cooking, square dancing maybe?)

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