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   I've put off writing this in fear of coming off as boastful...
but this is my journal after all, I don't make or ask anyone to read it after all, and we all choose our
 own attitudes after all, and gosh dangit some things just deserve celebration, AFTER ALL! So here are some cool things that have boosted me up lately, mostly having to do with my photography!

A few weeks ago "The Knot" featured one of my photos I took of a SLC Temple Wedding! They even captioned it with "What can we say? This sweet moment has left us (speechless and that doesn't happen very often!)" Ahh!!!! The Knot is a pretty big Wedding Vendor company and I was completely in shock that that featured my photo! So honored.

Heard of The Photo Booth Bus? That cool Volkswagen bus that they turned into a photobooth for weddings and events? Well for one, I shot a wedding where they hired that bus, and then the photo I took also got featured on the Photo Booth Bus page AND Noah's Event Venue! So hooray for being featured!

Then, the other night I got a direct message from the Photobooth Bus, where they invited me to go on a week long road trip  in their Volkswagen busses, with their sister company "The Rogue Crew" through the Red Woods and Oregon Coast with 8 other photographers, to go exploring, take photos, and take some products from a few different companies along. All because they think my photography is amazing and that they would love to have me be part of the crew! I felt like the coolest person alive!! Unfortunately I can't go on the roadtrip because I'm booked to shoot a wedding during it, but hey, they still invited me, and told me they would let me know of future trips! Sounds like a blast and exactly the kind of thing I am interested in.

Then, a few days ago, Tanner was talking to me about his friend he as at work who looking looking for a photographer and saying how she hasn't been able to find anyone that she likes here in Utah (which surprises me because Utah photographers are crazy talented!) but Tanner her showed her my stuff and said that she loooooved it and it was exactly what she was looking for!

Then, a couple days ago I posted this photo of some mugs from Anthropologie that were on display at a wedding I shot, and I got some nice comments from a few different companies, and then yesterday Anthropologie themselves commented complimenting my photo and saying they would love to use it! Wow!

AND I've booked a couple Weddings after having a long streak of no inquiries... Probably due to the slow down of wedding season, but I was still getting a little down about it.

And to put the cherry on top, non-photography related, lots of people have noticed that I have lost weight! I've been working on it, eating healthier, being more active, since APRIL! So it is so nice and rewarding to know that other people are finally seeing it too, because it has NOT BEEN EASY.

Haha maybe I'm just a little spaz about how excited this has all made me! And it all seems to happen right after I get into a slump about myself. My photography isn't good enough, my body isn't fit enough (notice I didn't say isn't skinny enough. It's all about health here), and then BAM people shove it in my face saying YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AND WE CAN SEE IT!

It is all too easy to lose these things. Progress, confidence, and determination. Every so often I get to a place where I feel stuck. Compare myself to others. Want to give up. And let me just be clear that my sweet Chance has been saying ALL these things to me all the time, about my photography and body. And I really appreciate him and all his encouragement, he is the best coach!! But it also does help when others are saying/seeing it too:)

So those things are making me feel great lately! And then there are the things that are coming up that I'm looking forward too that also make me SO excited!

Family Reunion in Park City!!
OCTOBER AND HALLOWEEN!! Chance I seriously scored some awesome Halloween stuff at Michaels the other day. And we were even ready to pay $50+ for all of it, and then the cashier pulled out a 40% coupon and scanned it for us and we only ended up paying like $30! alksdjsl;kajd!
THEN THANKSGIVING THEN CHRISTMAS! I can't even believe how fast this year is going!!

And although there are so many fun things we are looking forward too, we are still enjoying each and every day as well. We have been able to spend so much time with family lately, it has been a blast! We are so blessed.

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  1. I am so beyond happy for you cute girl!! You deserve it!!

  2. Congrats on all of your recent successes! And WAY cool that Anthropologie wanted to use your photo!

  3. Congratulations Aubrey!! Seriously, you're so talented it blows me away! I so wish we could afford to fly you out to take newborn photos of our little girl!! I can't find any photographers I like here in Austin!!

    1. Thanks Katie!! I'm so excited for you to have that baby! She is going to be the sweetest thing!

  4. Wow!!! That seriously is a lot of good photography exposure! I'm so happy for you! This post makes me so happy :) You go, girl.

    1. Thanks Beverly! I appreciate that so much!

  5. That's so awesome! Congratulations!! Your work is definitely incredible and I look up to you!

  6. SO awesome! I've always wanted to be you, hahaha. Funny how we think we are so inadequate sometimes, yet some people would kill to have certain talents (and also killer hair and a beautiful face like you-ahem!) that we have, and admire them so much when we don't think we can hardly do anything. Does that even make sense? Whatevs. YOU GO GIRL!

    1. Thank you! I am sad that you made this comment anonymously so I can't thank you properly, but thank you! I totally know what you mean! I appreciate your support and sweet comment so much, kind stranger! :) (PS I'm sure you have a beautiful face, hair, and talent as well! please make yourself known to me ;)


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