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Okay, so if you couldn't tell, I posted a bunch of stuff right in a row to play "catch-up".

Life hits hard sometimes. Between working 2 jobs full time, trying to get in quality time with Chance, and just trying figuring out what we are doing with ourselves, I just did not prioritize time to take pictures and blog... Which I'm totally regretting now, but not really haha. It's been nice to just really be in all the moments of life instead of trying to get it all on camera. But at the same time, this journal, the photos I take, all become very important to me later on as well. So finding a balance might be tough. But I really want to get back into blogging regularly and taking pictures for no particular reason.

Here's the short version update. A few posts back was about how we bought the Airstream. Well, we were thinking we could just work on it on weekends in Delta and that would be fine but we QUICKLY realized that all of our weekends started to book up and there was just noooo way we would ever get it done. So after some thinking and planning and crunching numbers (and having some faith), Chance and I both left our corporate jobs and moved to Delta so we could work on the Airstream, and grow our photo/video business. We were thinking best case scenario we could have it pretty much done in about 2 months. Well that estimate was pretty off! Haha, luckily when Chance's parents agreed to let us live on their property they knew it would be longer than 2 months. We aren't exactly sure how long it will take, but our business is growing and we are getting a lot more done on the Airstream than we would be if we were just working on it on weekends. 

Living with Chance's family has been really fun, and living in Delta isn't terrible! Haha, it's a really small town so I wasn't sure how I would like living here, but it's actually nice to be kind of out in the middle of no where and just doing whatever you want. No neighbors nearby, no reason to put on makeup... I like the open space and isolation. Now, we do go up around Salt Lake at least once a week for photography/video stuff, so we get enough of the city too. It's been really fun to just be able to hang out with Chance's family all the time, since they were so far away before and we only saw them like once a month. I think I still see my family about the same amount haha, but I do miss living close to my bro's.

We've had to take some time to adjust to this new life. The life where you're in charge. It's so awesome and we both love not having to really answer to anyone but ourselves, but it takes more discipline too, to make sure you're getting everything you need to done and using your time wisely.

I'm really missing taking pictures of everything I do haha so I'm going to try to get back into it! We will just see as we go, I guess!

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