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Valentines Day! Chance and I went to St George for V day last year, and since we live so close now we decided to go again this year, just for a day trip! We woke up early, and traditionally we have had a fancy waffle breakfast for Valentines Day (just like my mom does) but I was thinking about it the other day, and my mom still does it so I decided we would try something different... Chance and I almost NEVER buy cereal, especially sugar cereal. We both really love cereal, but that's the problem... we go through boxes/bags too fast, making cereal expensive! So we stopped buying it for that reason and also to try and be healthier. Well I decided that since cereal was such a luxury for us, that would would "splurge" and buy our favorite cereal for Valentines Day. Haha! We didn't get too fancy this year, but in the future I still want to make it a fancy cereal breakfast... I'm thinking valentines tablecloth, putting the milk in a glass jug to pour from, putting the cereals in glass canisters with scoops... haha I'm excited to develop this tradition. This year we chose Fruity Tooties! I swear it's straight sugar.... but we sure enjoyed it!

We left for St George and our drive was great. We chatted and looked at all the new things we'd never seen before. We stopped a bit outside St George first, to Kolob Canyon. Beautiful scenic drive and a quick hike to an overlook. We then went the rest of the way to St George and stopped for a quick lunch and then met up with Chance's brother, Jordan. The 3 of us went to Snow Canyon for another hike. One that I had found on pinterest, but it wasn't on the park map.... well first of all, the first entrance we tried to go in was closed, so we drove to the other one and the ranger told us the part of the park we wanted to go to was also closed... so we asked another ranger about it and she gave us these really vague directions on where to go... turns out we didn't have enough time to explore and find it, so we picked another hike. We hiked over some petrified dunes, which were still awesome, and to another overlook. The red rock of St George is just soooooo pretty. The temperature was perfect, and the hike was just enough for my almost 8 month pregnant body to handle, haha.

After our hike we met up with Chance's sister and her husband and went to dinner at Red Robin! That was also a treat, because Chance and I alllllwaaaaays eat at Cafe Rio... we just love it there and we share a salad, so it's a super cheap meal! But we thought it would be fun to do something different for Valentines! Red Robins burgers are dang good, and their Red Tavern sauce, sweet potato fries, and fry sauce, also WAY GOOD. So that was fun :) I love having a little getaway with my sweet Chance, and hanging out with his siblings as well. 

I love Valentines day and celebrating love, especially the love I have for Chance! He's my very best friend and takes such dang good care of me! I can't wait to see him become a dad! I think Chance and I are pretty good at showing our love and appreciation for each other every day, but I think it's fun to have a holiday to do something with/for each other that we wouldn't normally do. He sure spoils me!

AND let's just do a little pregnancy update!

I'm 34 weeks! AH! Still feeling good, and thankful for that! I'm getting bigger and baby's movements can be uncomfortable sometimes, but I just love it. I can tell baby is getting squished in there too haha. We are getting so close! We still have nothing ready, but we have some baby showers the next few weekends and I'm so excited! 

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. girl you seriously rock that bump. southern utah is the prettiest.


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