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       There's something that people always say and something that I've always been expecting:

      "Good luck living with a guy. It's definitely an adjustment!"

So when Chance and I moved in together, I was waiting for all the "it totally bugs me when he does that" moments...

They have yet to come.

Let me just tell you... Chance shoves every stereotype about boys right in the face. Chance is the cleanest and neatest person I know. He never doesn't have any quirks that I think are annoying. He can fix, cook, and basically do anything. He makes our bed every day, helps me make dinner  I help HIM make dinner, he sews the patches in his own clothes, and has done all the laundry thus far.

I on the other hand...

I leave dishes in the sink, all my stuff on the bathroom counters, I leave the cupboards open and the food out, I leave the fridge open while I pour a glass of milk. I hate washing my hair, I leave my clothes on the floor and my shoes are all over the place. I don't even know how much money is in my account or how to even access my online banking account (thanks Mom for being my personal accountant...).

So who is really doing the adjusting here? Hahaha.. poor guy. I sure have quite the catch. He makes me want to be a better, cleaner, neater, smarter, cooler person.

I'm sure Chance believes that I do have some adjusting to do, but to be completely honest, I just haven't! He's so humble. I'm so thankful to have HIM. To learn and grow from and with him. 

(Oh and if you can't tell from that last picture, Chance also has to adjust to me taking up 3/4 of the closet, plus the closet in the other room. Oops!)

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