the 4th (weekend)

12:14 PM

       It may seem apparent that my favorite Holiday is Christmas, and I'll tell ya, it's definitely up there, maybe even a tie for #1.
      But that #1 for years now has been the 4th of July!

Summer, America, Red White and Blue, cold treats, parades, waterplay, patriotism, Ray Charles version of America the Beautiful, FIREWORKS. It's all so perfect.

This year, Chance and I went to Delta for the 4th weekend. I've heard a lot about how "Delta does the 4th right" so I was anxious to see what I was in for!

Aaaaand it was great! Parade in the morning, breakfast at his grandma's house, walk in the park with lots of entertainment, to the reservoir to swim, and the demolition derby!

The derby was fun... though my prayers and heart go out to the family of Robert Steele. He was judging the derby and was hit head on by a collision of cars in an accident. We were only sitting 10 rows up and it happened right in front of us. Those kinds of images can't be erased... It was very scary. It did kind of put a damper on the rest of the night... My prayers also go out to the men in the cars..

I did read later a statement from his family that said he had a real appreciated for cars and the derby, that he loved the smell of gasoline and the rev of the engines, and had even been in the hospital multiple times for motorcycle accidents and things alike. They said he died doing what he loved. I was glad to hear that.. 

The next day was lake day! I love love love love love water. Love it. 

It also was Chance's brother Ty's birthday, who passed away a few years ago.

I never had the chance to meet him, but I sure wish I did! We visited Ty's grave out at the cemetery and it was such a beautiful night. 

Have you ever had a purple cow? It's like a rootbeer float, but with grape juice. I don't love grape juice, but it was good and we had it in Ty's honor. Happy Birthday Ty!

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