Cousins Reunited

3:39 PM

        Cousin Scooter arrived home from his 2 year mission to Mexico on Thursday. We went out to the airport to greet him when 
        he came out of the terminal and right when we parked, cousin Isaac texted me and said "He's here!" 


Well we missed him walking out of the terminal, but I still got a pretty big (he's 6 ' 7 ") hug from this cousin of mine!

(not pictured: Scooter giving Chance a big hug, welcoming him to the family. Oh and saying "You're hair is so cool".)

Isaac, Scooter, and I are all the same age. Isaac was born in February, and Scooter and I were born in May just 2 days apart. After growing up together, the many birthday dinners at Grandma's house, sleepovers, and adventures, naturally we became the best of friends. So excited to have them both home now!

Scooter's homecoming was the following Sunday doubled with Max's farewell. Missionary work is such an amazing thing, and I truly admire all those who serve.

 Back in my Freshman Year of college at UVU, I was living with Annie, and Scooter was also going to UVU, so we were able to see each other and hang out. Annie even had some classes with him and they became friends. 


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  1. Hi! The location for the blue house photos is in Provo. It's on like... 100 N and 400 e, or something like that :)
    the little diary


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