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> I just went full time status at work. That's 8 hours of work time and 2 hours of commute time. That's a 10 hour day. Woof. It's cool though, because now I am eligible for benefits which is totally nice. but I wake up at 6 and I don't get home until 5:30. That's slightly depressing. Who would want to get out of that bed ^ EVER?! (Also, Chance made our bed frame in high school. I love it!)

>Today is the day Chance and I start the Whole30. Whole foods only, for 30 days. We are determined to complete the challenge and get our bodies reset and working well. Health!! Oh and we are also "cycling" every day. HEALTH!

>Sleep is a struggle, all around. I don't fall asleep earlier enough or quickly enough. I toss and turn a lot of nights. I wake up just miserable and push the snooze at least twice.

>My grandpa wrote a book called Who and What Am I.... Why Am I Here On This Earth??? I started reading it yesterday, and I'm almost finished! It's so good and it's been really nice to feel a connection with my grandpa again. Though, I wish I could read it and ask him questions along the way...

PS I know my blog layout has changed like 2734 already. But I'm having too much fun playing around with it! Maybe this one will last a while..?

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  1. LOVE your blog! have just stumbled across it and so glad I have :-) I wish I had the willpower and self-control to do the whole30... maybe one day!
    timothy + ariana

    1. Thank you Ariana!

      Yeah.. about that Whole30... it lasted us (mostly me) only 4 days! I was eating a lot and all the right foods but man, I was just hungry for 4 straight days... more on that in a future blog post haha but we are still trying to be healthy! :)

      I'm excited to check out your blog! Thanks for following along:D

  2. your blog is so cute! is your grandpa's book on amazon or something? it looks like a good read :)

    1. Thank you! You can find his book via this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=travis+glenn+haws&sorter=relevance-desc



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