Stress Reliever

12:10 PM

        Chance and I had a conversation not long ago that went a little like this:

   Chance: Aubrey, I love you.
Aubrey: I love you too!
Chance: And you're mine. Forever!
Aubrey: That's right.
Chance: Getting married in the Temple really relieved a lot of stress from me...
Aubrey: Haha, what do you mean?
Chance: I mean, if something  happened to you, if you died, or if I died, before we got married, we wouldn't have been sealed! We wouldn't be together forever.
Aubrey: And you were actually stressed about that?
Chance: Yeah! But now, of course I would be distraught if anything every happened to you  now, but I wouldn't be as stressed...

Well isn't that just so darn sweet? Poor guy was stressed. Haha.

I don't know about "soul mates" and I don't really believe there is just one person for everyone, but it's just crazy how you can find someone that was just MADE for you! And eternity is what we are in for.

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